Colette Tvedt

Public Defense Training and Reform Director

Colette Tvedt serves as the Director of Public Defense Training and Reform. In that capacity, she focuses on developing and delivering training programs for public defense providers nationwide. She also partners with other national organizations on projects such as an initiative to increase pretrial release and implementation of workload studies to ensure the best representation of accused persons, regardless of their means.

Colette has devoted her career over the past 25 years to representing poor people accused of crimes. She spent 18 of those years as a public defender in Massachusetts and Washington State.  Immediately prior to joining NACDL, she spent seven years in private practice with the Seattle law firm, Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender, where she continued to represent accused individuals by court appointment in state and federal court, in addition to serving on the board of one of Seattle’s public defender providers.

Colette Tvedt also has extensive experience training attorneys. She has organized training programs for hundreds of defense lawyers and served for several years as a Clinical Professor of Law as the director of the Suffolk Defenders Clinical Program at Suffolk University Law School in Boston. In recent years, in addition to her practice, she has served as professor of advanced trial advocacy at the University of Washington School of Law and at Seattle University School of Law. She is a faculty member of the National Criminal Defense College (NCDC) in Macon, Georgia. Colette Tvedt is an honors graduate of Rutgers University, where she also attended law school.

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Phone: (202) 465-7649

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