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Report: Stop and Frisk in Chicago

ACLU of Illinois Report


The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is replacing New York City in their pervasive use of the controversial “stop and frisk” practice. That finding is at the center of the report issued by the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois on the practice by the CPD. Highlighting the use (and overuse) of stop and frisk in Chicago, the report demonstrates that the CPD’s use of the practice is often unlawful and disproportionately targets people of color. According to the report, CPD made over 250,000 stops that did not lead to an arrest in the summer of 2014. While blacks constitute about a third of the Chicago’s population, they accounted for nearly three-quarters of all stops.


The ACLU of Illinois offers a four-point plan for fixing CPD policies in order to curb abuses and to begin to restore community trust. The ACLU’s proposal includes: Collect data on all stops and frisks and make the data public, require regular training on legal requirements for stops and frisks, and require officers to issue a detailed receipt for every pedestrian stop.


The report is primarily based on a review of the available data on stops by the CPD.

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