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Vol. 10 Issue 9 - 9/30/2011

The Politics of Death

By Lisa Wayne

As everyone knows by now, Troy Davis passed from this earth at 11:08 p.m., Sept. 21. He was 42 years old and had spent more than half his life behind bars since his arrest for the shooting of off-duty Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail, and 20 of those years were on Georgia's Death Row.

The death penalty is an emotional issue, of course. Strong feelings on both sides are genuine and understandable. What we know is, more than 75 percent of the death row inmates exonerated by DNA testing were convicted on the basis of eyewitness misidentification, and even many notable death penalty proponents spoke out against Mr. Davis' execution, expressing too much doubt about his case.

There was no DNA evidence in Troy Davis' case. The murder weapon was never found. Seven of the nine eyewitnesses in Mr. Davis' case now say they were mistaken or pressured by police into identifying him. And a new witness has sworn that another individual, who was present at the crime scene, confessed to her long after the trial that he murdered Mark MacPhail. Some of the jurors now say that had the new evidence been presented at his trial they would not have convicted Troy Davis or sentenced him to death. In 2007, NACDL's Board of Directors unanimously approved a resolution calling for clemency for Davis. 

But doubts were not enough to convince the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles in such a politically charged case. Some suspect the worldwide attention the case drew may have caused some members of the board of pardons to dig in their heels in response to the pressure. True or not, politics killed Troy Davis just as surely as the lethal poison injected in his veins. 

Mr. Davis maintained his innocence to the very end. According to the warden, Davis said, "For those about to take my life, may God have mercy on your souls, may God bless your souls." Raising his head from the execution table, he turned toward the family of Mark MacPhail, and said "I did not personally kill your son, father and brother. I am innocent."

Davis went to the death chamber not for something he did, but for what he represents – a failed system driven more by emotion than facts and false worship at the altar of finality of judgment. His death makes it clear to me that the only way to prevent the execution of an innocent person in Georgia, or anywhere, is to abolish the death penalty everywhere.

Criminal Defenders' New Home on the Web

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the nation's preeminent criminal defense bar association, is proud to announce the launch of its completely new and upgraded Website. Please take a few minutes to look around explore many new and exciting features. 

On the landing page, you will easily find all of the tremendous resources you have come to expect from NACDL – News and information, The Champion Magazine, NACDL's Amicus Curiae briefs, our Legal Education Programs and Resources, the Brief & Motion Bank, and much, much more. In addition to NACDL's general membership and Life Member directories, there is a public "Find a Lawyer" tool enabling visitors to find NACDL member lawyers in their area. NACDL's new site brings expanded functionality, ease of use and improved searchability to your online NACDL experience. 

You can also shop online at the NACDL store where you will find publications, self-study CLE programs (audio and video), and NACDL apparel. In addition, you can register online for NACDL's year-round live CLE seminars and online webcast programs. 

NACDL members can access NACDL's online "Resource Center," which houses a brief & motion bank, an experts database, information about NACDL's Lawyers' Assistance Strike Force and Ethics Hotline, and a plethora of other tools for lawyers.

"Liberty's Last Champion" is stepping out front to provide our members and audiences with a more effective, efficient and aesthetically pleasing Internet home for the criminal defense bar. 

As with the launch of any website, there will be some glitches and bumps in the road. You can help us by providing your feedback at feedback@nacdl.org. We invite you to visit the new website at www.nacdl.org and to take a video tour at www.nacdl.org/siteintro

Advocacy Action Needed

Please take ONE MINUTE  to send your Representative a letter urging them to co-sponsor H.R. 2567, the Federal First Offender Improvement Act.

Click Here to Voice Your Support 

This important piece of legislation will allow judges to use their discretion in placing certain deserving low-level, nonviolent drug offenders on probation instead of sentencing them to prison.  

We know you are busy, but please take the time to let your Representative know about this important piece of legislation!  It will take less than a minute! 

Special Election to Fill Vacant Seat on the Board of Directors

NACDL's Board of Directors will hold a special election to fill a vacant seat on the Board. The election will be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors in Las Vegas on November 19. Please note this special election is separate from the regular annual election of officers and directors.

Responsibilities: The Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of the Association. 

Eligibility: Any qualified member of the Association who is authorized to vote may submit his or her name as a candidate for the Board of Directors. Candidates must state the year and jurisdiction of their bar admission, must indicate whether they are members in good standing of their respective bar, and must disclose if they are under indictment or information for any felony or crime involving moral turpitude.

Process: Any member wishing to submit his or her name as a candidate for the position of Director shall submit a statement of qualifications, not to exceed 600 words. The statement of qualifications should include a description of any past service to the Association (including meetings attended, recruitment efforts, and committee work) and to the legal profession. Curriculum vitae may also be provided. The statement of qualifications must be received by 5pm EDT on November 4, 2011, and should be sent by email to NACDL Elections Registrar Daniel Weir at dweir@nacdl.org. Candidates will be responsible for confirming that their materials have been received. 

Each candidate will be given the opportunity, if he or she so chooses, to speak briefly regarding his or her qualifications at the meeting of the Board of Directors in Las Vegas prior to the commencement of the voting. Appearance is optional and no negative inference shall be drawn if a candidate does not attend. 

Voting will be conducted by secret ballot. The elected Director will serve the remainder of the current term, which expires at the Annual Meeting on July 27, 2013.

Contribute to NACDL's Brief & Motion Bank!

One of the great benefits you get as a member of NACDL is our Brief & Motion Bank, containing almost 400 documents across over 50 topics. We hope you will also help to strengthen it for the benefit of other members. Do you have a unique or exceptional brief or motion? Maybe one that involved an in-depth discussion of the case law, had an especially creative argument, or addressed an unusual situation? Just as using the NACDL Brief & Motion Bank saves you time, obviating the need to start from scratch when you are already pressed for time, documents you donate to the bank will help your fellow NACDL members in the same way.

We encourage submissions on any topic. Please take a look at what's there, and think about what documents you've written that would enhance the value of the Brief & Motion Bankfor other NACDL members. If you would like more information, please contact NACDL's Resource Counsel Vanessa Antoun at vantoun@nacdl.org.

Join NACDL's 100 Days Challenge! August 6 - November 21

As Lisa Monet Wayne begins her term as NACDL's sixth woman president, we invite you to join our 100 Days Challenge to foster the growth of women lawyers, to inspire them to pursue a career in criminal defense, and to call upon all women criminal defense lawyers to join NACDL today!

NACDL is the nation's preeminent community serving the criminal defense profession, and is committed to serving a diverse and inclusive community of lawyers. As NACDL President-Elect Lisa Monet Wayne recently wrote in The Champion, "Women can bring to the table effective listening skills, the ability to be persuasive in the courtroom, and a unique depth of compassion." So Lisa is calling on all of us to bring more women into the profession and into the criminal defense community.

You know lots of other defense attorneys, right? Just tell them why you are a member of NACDL, how long you have been a member, and how it has helped you. For talking points on NACDL membership, a membership application you can forward, a sample email message – even sample tweets – go to www.nacdl.org/100Days.

Special Introductory Offer for first time members: a full 15 months of member benefits for the price of 12!

How you benefit: For every new member you recruit (regardless of gender), you receive a $25 discount off your next year's dues – up to a total of $125 – and you'll earn a chance to win one of two Kindles or two $50 gift cards from Amazon.com!

In order for you to get credit for the new member, they must put your name in the "Referred by" line on the membership application, and use promo code KA154.  

Key Dates for the 100 Days Challenge: 

  • Face-to-Face Day: November 21


Watch your email for more information! 

NACDL-Sponsored Admission to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court

NACDL is sponsoring a unique opportunity for up to 12 members to participate in a group admission ceremony to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC. The opportunity will be available to the first 12 qualified members on a first-come, first-served basis and will take place on the morning of January 10, 2012. Members will be responsible for their own travel arrangements, must be in good standing of a state bar for a minimum of three years, and must submit their completed application materials to NACDL by November 12, 2010.

Interested members should contact Obaid Khan, NACDL's National Affairs Assistant, at (202) 872-8600 x638 or okhan@nacdl.org for further instructions.

NACDL's Daily Criminal Justice Briefing 

NACDL now offers a terrific and free new member benefit from NACDL's Public Affairs and Communications Office: NACDL's Daily Criminal Justice Briefing. Each morning, Briefing Editors Jack King and Ivan Dominguez collect and compile news items of particular interest to the criminal defense bar from around the world and provide links and summaries in a daily email update. In addition, subscribers will receive breaking news stories and links to Supreme Court decisions as they happen. The goal is to provide the resources necessary to ensure that the criminal defense bar is informed and current on a wide range of criminal justice news, legal developments, analysis, and commentary.

So far 1,095 NACDL members subscribed to the Daily Criminal Justice Briefing. If you would like to join them, simply click here

Know Your Legislator? Let Us Know!

The United States Congress is rife with members having a legal background.  Many Members of Congress practiced law before entering into the world of politics.  Because of this fact, there is a good chance that many NACDL members know and have personal relationships with these legislators.

And, like the old saying, It is not what you know, but who you know.

If you know or have a personal relationship with your Representative or Senators, please let NACDL know.  These relationships can be extremely effective in both creating positive public policy and in advancing criminal justice reform.  

So whether a former roommate at law school, former partner in a law practice, fellow director on a board, or personal friend, please let NACDL if you have a relationship with your legislators.

Simply e-mail Christopher Glen, NACDL's new Manager for Grassroots Advocacy, at cglen@nacdl.org with the following information:
  • Your Name 
  • Your Legislator's Name 
  • Nature of the Relationship (Personal, Business, etc.) 
  • Any Additional Information that You Consider Helpful 

As Congress proposes an ever increasing volume of criminal law, it is imperative that NACDL has all the necessary tools to have a direct dialogue with policy makers in Washington, D.C.  
Your ability to quickly get in touch with an influential lawmaker may be the difference between a step forward in criminal justice reform or a devastating blow to justice for all citizens under the law.  

NACDL Pledge 

  • NACDL will keep all information private.   
  • NACDL will not ask you to do anything out of your comfort-zone. 
  • NACDL will not put you in an awkward situation that might jeopardize your current relationship, whether business or personal.   

So please, take the time to let NACDL know of your federal political relationships.  Doing so not only shows your commitment to NACDL, it shows your commitment to your profession.  

Where in the World is NACDL?

From September 22-23, the Louis Stein Center for Law & Ethics at Fordham University Law School and NACDL hosted the 7th Annual Defending the White Collar Case Seminar. In attendence were Executive Director Norman Reimer, Sales & Marketing Director James Bergmann, Counsel for the White Collar Crime Project Tiffany Joslyn, Manager for Meetings and Education Tamara Kalacevic, Associate Executive Director for Policy Kyle O'Dowd, Education Assistant Doug Reale and White Collar Crime Policy Director Shana Regon

Also, from September 9-10, Executive Director Norman Reimer gave the welcoming remarks and taught at the second of NACDL's Public Defense Training Programs in partnership with the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants in Las Vegas, NV.

NACDL on Twitter

NACDL has an official Twitter account, @NACDL, and now has 1,058 followers. Getting set up on Twitter is easy and free, just visit http://twitter.com/ and click "Get Started -- Join." You can even watch an instructional video by clicking the "Watch a Video" button on the top right of the welcome screen before you join. Once you have set up your account, click "Find People" on the top right hand side of the screen and search for "NACDL" (no quotation marks necessary). Then, you just need to click the "Follow" button. Thereafter, everything we post to Twitter will come through on your Home page feed, like a news wire service. You can also check out NACDL's Tweet by simply clicking http://twitter.com/NACDL

It is suggested that you familiarize yourself with the "terms" of use to which you can link from the bottom of the screen on Twitter. Also, please note that the fact of your following NACDL on Twitter, as well as your posts, are generally visible to the public. Information about blocking people from following you, as well as all other information concerning privacy and usage issues, is available on the Twitter site. 

Please send any thoughts or recommendations about NACDL's Tweeting to NACDL's Deputy Director of Public Affairs & Communications Ivan J. Dominguez at idominguez@nacdl.org.

NACDL on Facebook

NACDL is on Facebook. Recently, Facebook changed the way member groups operate, so to keep up with all of NACDL's updates, please be sure to "like" the NACDL Public Page (http://www.facebook.com/NACDL), which now counts 1,872 fans following NACDL's work. Through this initiative, selected NACDL content such as press releases, CLE information and materials, information on becoming a member, and similar publicly-available NACDL content, is being distributed through Facebook.

You should be aware that, to some degree, Facebook permits you to control what information others see about you on Facebook, just go to "account" on the top right and within that "privacy settings" as you set up or adjust your account settings. Please be aware that, if you join, you will be listed on Facebook as a member of this group and your profile will be accessible in accordance with your settings and Facebook's policies. So be sure to fully acquaint yourself with Facebook's terms of service and privacy representations as you carefully consider whether to join and, if you do, what information you post, exchange, or message through this platform. 

You can use this link to get directly to NACDL's Public Page. And if you are not on Facebook, signing up is free and easy at www.facebook.com. Please send your thoughts or recommendations about NACDL's Group and/or Page on Facebook to NACDL's Deputy Director of Public Affairs & Communications Ivan J. Dominguez at idominguez@nacdl.org.

Recent Amicus Curiae Briefs Posted on NACDL Website

United States v. Cotterman, 9th Cir., No. 09-10139, panel decision reported at 637 F.3d 1068 (2011), brief filed 9/19/11. Search and Seizure—Computers—Border Search. Amicus curiae brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Electronic Frontier Foundation in support of defendant-appellee's petition for rehearing en banc. In a prosecution for production, possession and importation of child pornography and obscene materials, the panel held that a search of the defendant's laptop that began at the border and ended two days later at a government forensic laboratory almost 170 miles away fell within the border search doctrine. Argument: Brief argues that the suspicionless, indefinite seizure of an individual's laptop at the border raises constitutional concerns, and the suspicionless forensic search was outside the scope of a permissible investigatory detention and is abhorrent to the Fourth Amendment. Authors: David M. Porter, NACDL Amicus Curiae Committee, Sacramento, CA and Michael Price, Brennan Center for Justice, New York, NY.

Gonzalez v. Thaler, U.S. Sup. Ct., No. 10-895, case below 623 F.3d 222 (5th Cir. 2010), brief filed 8/12/11. AEDPA—Certificate of Appealability—Jurisdiction—Procedural Default. Amicus curiae brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Innocence Network in support of petitioner. Argument: Appellate jurisdiction under Sec. 2253 of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) does not depend upon a COA's conformity with technical formalities; direct review of a state criminal conviction cannot conclude for purposes of Sec. 2244(d)(1)(A) before the highest court to review the case relinquishes jurisdiction by issuing a mandate or its equivalent. Authors: Douglas Hallward-Driemeier, et al., Ropes & Gray LLP, Washington, D.C.

Lafler v. Cooper & Missouri v. Frye, U.S. Sup. Ct., Nos. 10-209 & 10-444, cases below 376 Fed.Appx. 563 (6th Cir. 2010) (unpublished),  311 S.W.3d 350 (Mo.App. 2010), joint brief filed 7/22/2011. Plea Bargaining—Ineffective Assistance of Counsel—Sixth Amendment. Amicus curiae brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation. Argument: A defendant who validly pleads guilty should be allowed to assert ineffective assistance of counsel in a case where counsel failed to communicate a more favorable plea offer; the trial court is the proper forum for crafting a remedy to ineffective assistance at the plea stage. Authors: Jonathan D. Hacker and Loren L. AliKhan, O'Melveny & Myers LLP, Washington, D.C.

Maples v. Thomas, U.S. Sup. Ct., No. 10-63, case below 586 F.3d 879 (11th Cir. 2010), merits brief filed 8/11/11. Habeas Corpus—Capital Punishment—Procedural Default. Amicus curiae brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the ACLU of Alabama in support of petitioner. Issue: Whether there was no "cause" to excuse a missed filing deadline in a habeas case where the petitioner was blameless for the default, the state's own conduct contributed to the default, and petitioner's attorneys of record were no longer functioning as his attorneys at the time of the default. Argument: Brief argues, inter alia, that Alabama's death penalty system is inadequate at every state in the process: Inexperienced, underpaid and ineffectual lawyers are appointed at trial and on direct appeal; racial disparities exist in the application of the death penalty; and politics encourages judges to override a jury's sentencing recommendation of life imprisonment and impose the death penalty. Authors: Lisa S. Blatt, et al., Arnold & Porter LLP, Washington, DC. NACDL's brief in support of granting the writ, filed 8/11/10, is here

Norris v. United States, U.S. Sup. Ct., No. 11-91, case below 419 Fed.Appx 190 (3rd Cir. 2011) (unpublished), brief filed 8/19/11. Self-Incrimination—Attorney-Client Privilege—Obstruction of Justice. Amicus curiae brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in support of granting certiorari. Argument: Persuading another to assert a valid Fifth Amendment or other privilege regarding incriminating information is not obstruction of justice. Authors: Joseph D. Mancano and J. Peter Shindel, Jr., Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti, LLP, Philadelphia, PA.

Smith v. Cain, U.S. Sup. Ct., No. 10-8145, case below 45 So.3d 1065 (La. 2010), brief filed 8/19/11. Brady Violations—Cumulative Effect of Failures to Disclose Exculpatory and Impeaching Evidence. Amicus curiae brief of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Argument: The Louisiana Supreme Court erred in failing to grant post-conviction relief where the prosecution suppressed a clutch of exculpatory and impeachment evidence and the confession of another suspect where the petitioner's conviction hung on a single eyewitness and there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime. The cumulative effect of the Brady/Napue/Giglio violations sufficiently undermine confidence in the jury's verdict as to warrant a new trial. Authors: Daryl Joseffer and Adam Conrad, King & Spalding LLP, Washington, D.C. 

Recent NACDL Letters and Member Testimony

Written Statement of NACDL Board Member Timothy P. O'Toole Before the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on "H.R. 2572, the 'Clean Up Government Act of 2011.'" 

Written Statement of NACDL Director of White Collar Crime Policy Shana-Tara Regon Before the House Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime Terrorism, and Homeland Security, on the "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" 

Written Statement of NACDL President Jim E. Lavine Before the United States Sentencing Commission on "Retroactivity of Fair Sentencing Act Amendments" 

Comments to the United States Sentencing Commission by NACDL President Jim E. Lavine on "Proposed Permanent Amendments" 

Written Statement of NACDL President Jim E. Lavine Before the United States Sentencing Commission on "Proposed Amendments to the Sentencing Guidelines and Issues for Comment" 

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  • Selecting Dream Jurors and Avoiding Those Who Give You Nightmares - Randi McGinn 
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The answer is in the Power of Persuasion. The ability to fluidly and effectively communicate is a natural skill possessed by few people, so for the average lawyer, it is a skill that must be learned. Discover how to get the upper hand in your next case by understanding the concept of personality as persuasion. Gain the insight of the time- tested techniques used by some of the best litigators in the country and start implementing your power to persuade when communicating with all audiences, including judges, jurors, and prosecutors. 

Topics and Speakers will include:

Effective Client Communication - Cynthia Roseberry  
Persuasion Through Storytelling - Jodie English  
Sway: The New Art of Persuading Predictably Irrational Jurors - Dr. Sunwolf  
The Ethical Limits of Persuasion - Martin Pinales  
Persuading With Science - Brendan Max  
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Upcoming Affiliate & NACDL Seminars

October 14 
Louisiana: LACDL's DWI One Day Seminar 
The Robinson Film Center, Shreveport, Louisiana
Contact: LACDL's Executive Director David Tatman at (225) 767-7640 or e-mail david@tatmangroup.com 
October 13-14 
Georgia: GACDL's DUI Boot Camp 
State Bar of GA Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: GACDL's Executive Director Jennifer Mackall at (404) 248-1777 or e-mail jennkmac@att.net 
October 13-14 
Texas: Stuart Kinard Memorial Advanced DWI Seminar 
Menger Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
Contact: TCDLA's Executive Director Joseph Martinez at (512) 478-2514 or e-mail jmartinez@tcdla.com 
October 14 
New York: NYSACDL's 2011 Weapons for the Firefight 
Brooklyn, New York
Contact: NYSACDL's Executive Director Margaret Alverson at (212) 532-4434 or e-mail malverson@nysacdl.org 
October 14 
Virginia: VACDL's Annual Seminar
The Omni Charlottesville Hotel, Charlottesville, Virginia
Contact: VACDL's Executive Director Danielle Payne at (804) 262-8223 or e-mail vacdlawyers@gmail.com 
October 20-22 
NACDL's Fall Seminar - 'The Power of Persuasion: Effective Communication Skills' 
Location: Drake Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Contact: NACDL's Education Assistant Akvile Athanason at (202) 872-8600 ext. 230 or e-mail akvile@nacdl.org. For more details, visit our meetings Web site at www.nacdl.org/meetings 

October 20-21 
Tennessee: TACDL's Annual DUI Seminar 
Hilton Garden Inn Nashville/Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee
Contact: TACDL's Executive Director Suanne Bone at (615) 329-1338 or e-mail suannebone@tacdl.com 

October 21 
New Hampshire: Kids, Computers and Confabulation CLE Seminar 
Concord, New Hampshire
Contact: NHCDL's Executive Director Katherine Cooper at (603) 624-7777 or e-mail katherine@nhacdl.org 
October 28-30 
Georgia: NCDC's Advanced Cross Examination Seminar 
Atlanta, Georgia
Contact: NCDC's Executive Director Rosie Flanigan at (478) 746-4151 or e-mail rosie@ncdc.net 
October 28 
Kentucky: KACDL's 25th Annual Conference 
Southern Indiana Horseshoe Casino & Resort, Elizabeth, Indiana
Contact: KACDL's Executive Director Amber Greathouse at (502) 229-0998 or e-mail kacdl2000@yahoo.com 
October 29 
New York: NYSACDL's 2011 Annual Syracuse Fall Trainer 
Syracuse University College of Law, MacNaughton Hall, Syracuse, New York
Contact: NYSACDL's Executive Director Margaret Alverson at (212) 532-4434 or e-mail malverson@nysacdl.org 

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Reaching New Heights in Cross-Examination - Lisa Wayne
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Cross-Examining Police Officers in Confession Cases - Deja Vishny
Cross of Experts - Andrea Lyon
Crossing Crime Scene Investigators - David Rudolf
Searching CODIS & AFIS Databases and Crossing Print Experts - Barry Scheck
Cross-Examining Kids - Colette Tvedt
DWI Cross-Examination - Abe Hutt
On the Edge of the Ethical Cliff: When Prosecutors Go Too Far - Virginia Grady and Evan Jenness
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Towering Above: Impeachment - Hugo Rodriguez

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Attention lawyers handling post-conviction innocence cases - get your free DVD and a CD-Rom of written materials from NACDL's 2011 conference Righting Wrongful Convictions: Challenging Flawed Forensics (supported by a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant). Topics at the conference included an update on post-NAS report litigation, fingerprints, firearms and toolmarks, arson cases (including dog sniff evidence), shaken baby cases, and more.

For more information or to request a copy of materials, please contact NACDL's Resource Counsel Vanessa Antoun and include your mailing address and the capacity in which you handle post-conviction cases: vantoun@nacdl.org or (202) 465-7663.  



Sprint Nextel Discount for NACDL Members

It pays to be a member of NACDL! Sprint Nextel is pleased to offer a wireless discount program to members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). As a NACDL member, you are eligible to receive discounts on your Sprint Nextel wireless services. Whether you are a new or existing Sprint or Nextel customer, you can take advantage of these savings.

Start saving now! Visit us online to learn more about Sprint's discount, products and services at www.sprint.com/nacdl. 

Save Up to 26% on FedEx Office and FedEx Delivery Services 

NACDL members can already save up to 26% on select FedEx® shipping services. Now you're entitled to save up to 20% on select FedEx OfficeSM copy and print services and 10% off other select services at more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations. It's now even easier for you to save time and money with FedEx. Sign-up is free, and there are no shipping, copy or print minimums. For more information or to enroll in this program, please click here and enter pass code 984K22 or call 1-800-MEMBERS, your dedicated shipping program administrator at 1.800.636.2377 (8 a.m.–6 p.m. EST, M-F).

*FedEx shipping discounts are off standard list rates and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Shipping discounts are exclusive of any FedEx surcharges, premiums or special handling fees and are not available to package consolidators. Eligibility for discounts subject to FedEx credit approval. Eligible services subject to change. Base discounts on FedEx Express® are 15%-21%. An additional 5% discount is available for eligible FedEx Express shipments when you ship online at fedex.com. Discounts are subject to change.

Stay Up-To-Date on NACDL News & Issues

DUI Listserve 

The focus of this listserve is DWI / DUI issues. Click here to learn how to subscribe and to review the listserv policies and guidelines.

Eyewitness Identification 

The focus of this listserve is eyewitness identification. In addition to open participation by NACDL members, NLADA members are invited guests to this listserve. Click here to learn how to subscribe and to review the listserv policies and guidelines.

Forensic Evidence Listserve 

The focus of this listserve is issues surrounding forensics. In addition to open participation by NACDL members, NLADA members are invited guests to this listserve. Click here to learn how to subscribe and to review the listserv policies and guidelines.

The Young & New Lawyers Listserve 

For criminal defense lawyers who are new to the profession, or just starting out in private practice. Generally, lawyers under 40 years of age, or in their first five years of practice. We also encourage you to participate if you are getting your start in private practice after spending time clerking, working as a DA or PD, or are leaving a firm to start your own practice. More experienced lawyers who have a gift and dedication to mentoring are encouraged to participate and offer advice and share their experience with younger colleagues. It's a place for attorneys getting their start - in whatever way - to get to know each other and to learn from more experienced colleagues. It is a forum where you can ask questions about all those things you need to know that they don't teach in law school. Click here to learn how to subscribe and to review the listserv policies and guidelines.

NACDL Listserve 

The NACDL listserv helps facilitate, via email, all sorts of criminal defense law discussions, including recommendations for expert witnesses, advice on trial practices, insights into controlling law in specialized fields or unique jurisdictions, and many other law-related matters. Subscription is free and limited to active NACDL members. Click here to learn how to subscribe and to review the listserv policies and guidelines. So far, more than 700 members have joined.

State Criminal Justice Network Listserve 

NACDL's State Criminal Justice Network brings together NACDL members, affiliate leaders, public defenders, and others seeking to reform state criminal justice policies. In the listserv, members share lobbying strategies and information about state legislation and policies. While some of the topics might overlap with other NACDL listserves, the Network has a specific focus on state legislation. Click here to learn how to subscribe and to review the listserv policies and guidelines.

IDC ListServ 

For news items and discussion specific to indigent defense, NACDL members are invited to join the Indigent Defense Committee (IDC) listserv. For several years, members of NACDL interested in indigent defense issues around the country have participated in the IDC listserv to share information on indigent defense issues across the country, as well as to keep up-to-date on NACDL's indigent defense reform efforts. For information on subscribing, click here

White Collar Crime ListServ 

Stay ahead of federal and state prosecutors specializing in corporate investigations and prosecutions -- for news and discussion of recent developments in the white collar arena, subscribe to NACDL's White Collar listserv. Discussions are archived on NACDL's Website. To view recent postings or to subscribe to this specialty forum, click here.

Questions, comments, or news items?

E-mail or call Director of Public Affairs & Communications Jack King at (202) 465-7628 or E-mail or call Deputy Director of Public Affairs & Communications Ivan Dominguez at (202) 465-7662.

Please feel free to pass along the E-NEWS to friends. Ask them to click here to become a member. 


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