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Just One Referral: Membership Talking Points

The best person to help strengthen the membership of NACDL by recruiting new members is you. You benefit from this by increasing NACDL's capacity to serve its members, and by increasing its credibility with Congress, regulatory agencies and the courts where we file amicus briefs. 

Special Bonus for YOU!

For each new member you recruit, you will receive $25 off your next membership renewal. If you recruit 5 new members over a 12-month period, your next renewal is free (Life members get a $329 credit toward their next installment).   In order to get credit for the referral, your name must be entered in the "Referred by" line on the membership application.

The talking points below are some of the many reasons people find value in being a member of NACDL. But the most important thing you can tell a prospective member is why YOU are a member, and why being a part of NACDL is important to you. It is your personal story that is most likely to resonate with other lawyers.   

Join us in this initiative by reaching out to your network: Call. Email. Facebook. Tweet.

Why Membership in NACDL is Important:

  Staying Ahead, professionally  

  • Subscription to The Champion magazine, published ten times a year - plus the full online archive of The Champion, exclusively for members!
  • Daily Criminal Justice Briefing brings you the day’s top news stories on the criminal defense profession from across the nation
  • Member discussion groups provide a forum where members can network, share information, and strategize together for the benefit of the profession and our clients.  Archives are fully searchable on the NACDLConnect website
  • Briefs & Motions Bank contains almost 400 documents covering more than 50 topic areas, and saves you time on research.
  • Award-winning CLE on relevant topics, i.e. Forensics, DUI, White Collar, Drug issues, etc. CLE is discounted for members.
  • Multimedia CLE available in DVD or CD formats, discounted for members.

 Staying Connected   

  • Members from all areas of the US, new lawyers, experienced lawyers, in all facets of criminal defense.
  • Members network, share information, and strategize together on NACDLConnect. Take it with you wherever you go!
  • Publicly available online Find-A-Lawyer directory gives potential clients instant access to your website and contact information.
  • NACDL’s comprehensive website is a one-stop source for important news for and about our profession.
  • An online membership directory, constantly updated, helps other members refer clients to you, and is accessible from your smartphone.
  • Keep up-to-date on news affecting the practice of criminal law with the NACDL news feed on our NACDL Edge app for IOS and Android.

 Championing Liberty  

  • NACDL fights to secure support for indigent defense services including development of systemic litigation, coalitions, public education and legislation aimed at improving state and local public defense systems.
  • NACDL’s White Collar Crime Project is at the forefront of advocacy on issues regarding the erosion of attorney-client privilege, the overcriminalization of economic conduct, corporate governance and the decline in the standards of mens rea in white collar prosecutions.

Your Membership Supports Legislative Initiatives  

  • Fighting against harsh sentencing laws and overcriminalization
  • Mitigating the collateral damages of conviction after a person has served his or her sentence.
  • Protecting attorney-client privilege
  • Assuring access to counsel for indigent defendants
  • White Collar Crime Issues

Legal Services for Lawyers  

  • NACDL's Lawyers Assistance Strike Force will review your case, at no cost, if you are threatened in any way for providing legal representation to a client -- if you're subpoenaed, cited for contempt, hit with a bar grievance or a motion to disqualify you from a case.
  • The Ethics Advisory Committee provides confidential assistance to members regarding inquiries concerning ethics and professional responsibility.

NACDL members benefit from Discount Programs that save you money:  

  • 20-40% discount on Westlaw’s Criminal Litigator Premier – customized for each state.
  • $15 off a weekly AVIS Car rental and $10 - $20 off a weekend rental.
  • 20% discount off the retail price of merchandise purchased at any Jos. A. Bank location.
  • Members may qualify for a special member discount on GEICO auto insurance.
  • See the full list of discounts available to members



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