What NACDL Members Say About Us

Being a part of NACDL changes lives, and it changes the way we all work. Here's what a few of our members have said about what being an NACDL member means to them, and how it has benefited their careers.

John Fatino, Des Moines, IA

 John Fatino B&W"No attorney organization has done more for the criminal defense practitioner and the rights of criminal defendants than the NACDL.  Your membership is literally worth its weight in gold."

Melinda Sarafa, New York,NY

Melinda Sarafa"NACDL has been my professional home since I was a young public defender in Texas. The daily challenge of being a criminal defense lawyer requires ongoing support, education and inspiration, all of which NACDL provides in abundance. I cannot imagine doing this work without being a part of this incredible group." 


Rick Jones, New York, NY

 Rick Jones"NACDL makes me a better lawyer. Whether it's attendance at CLEs, articles in the Champion or the ability it provides me to pick up the phone and speak with the best criminal defense minds in the country, NACDL has made me a better lawyer. It truly is 'Liberty's Last Champion'."  

Elizabeth Kelley, Cleveland, OH

Elizabeth Kelley"In 2009, I was part of an NACDL-sponsored delegation sent to the Republic of Liberia to train its defense lawyers.  For over fifty years in this country, NACDL has been on the forefront of protecting the rights of the accused at all stages, from arrest to pre-trial detention to trial to sentencing.  Indeed, our mission is not limited by borders.   We worked with local attorneys in drafting basic discovery motions, trial preparation, and courtroom advocacy.  For me, it was transformative and profoundly moving to see how respected America's criminal justice system is in another part of the world."

Stephen Lindsay, Asheville, NC

Stephen Lindsay "Whether based on financial concerns or on the erroneous belief that NACDL duplicates the work of state associations, criminal defense attorneys make a huge mistake if they don't join this organization.  By providing unparalleled resources, a network of support and legal assistance to lawyers, and through its legislative advocacy work and its amicus briefs to the Supreme Court, NACDL is critical to our everyday practice of criminal law." 


Tracy Green, Los Angeles, CA

Tracy Green"Becoming an NACDL member shows other defense counsel that you take your profession seriously and are committed at a very high level. Especially when you are just starting out, NACDL helps you develop critical skills more quickly, and garner invaluable contacts. As a practical matter, being able to call colleagues for advice MORE than pays for dues in terms of the outcomes of cases, and reducing the number of research hours.  In one instance for me, after speaking with another NACDL member, I was able to reach a pivotal expert witness to whom I would not have had access.  There is camaraderie among like-minded colleagues that I still find encouraging and inspiring." 

Daniel P. McElhatton, Philadelphia, PA

 Daniel McElhatton"I recently signed up for the listserve and it has been great. It’s like a daily CLE."  

Shannon Blatt Fort Smith, AR

Shannon Blatt "NACDL is a great organization.  During my membership I have developed contacts and a great network of attorneys that I would have not otherwise had the opportunity to meet." 

Linda Friedman Ramirez, St Petersburg, FL

Linda Friedman Ramirez "NACDL has helped me network with talented and dedicated attorneys throughout the United States. The camaraderie of the members is exceptional, as are the resources offered by NACDL."



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