Member Types and Application

Click the member type in the left column to apply online, or download an application (PDF)  

Regular Member   Criminal defense attorney in private practice $329
Public Defender  Full-time attorney at PD office or Legal Services nonprofit $139
New Lawyer  First five years after initial admission to the bar $185
Law Professor  Full time professor in an accredited law school $169
Judge    $195
Military Lawyer  Active duty only $169
Associate/Investigator     Non-Lawyers whose work supports criminal defense attorneys      $195
Law Student  Students working toward their JD or comparable degree $ 65
International  Practicing Criminal Defense Lawyers outside US & Canada $185
Additional member categories include Life, President's Club, and Sustaining. Members in these categories receive special recognition for their ongoing and valued support of NACDL's goals. 

Life Members make a one-time contribution of $6,500 or 5 consecutive annual installments of $1,300 each. Once the full commitment has been met, there will be no further membership dues.  For more information about Life Membership, please see  

President's Club Members pay dues at the rate of $699 per year.

Sustaining Members pay dues at the rate of $479 per year.


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