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Listserve Guidelines

Properly used, the NACDL listserve is a great resource for expert witnesses, in-state and out-of-state referrals, breaking legal issues, strategy, and the everyday nettlesome legal research issues that we all face. Keep in mind that Association members have varying levels of expertise in criminal law. A basic question with an answer obvious to you, may be difficult for someone else. Or vice versa.

  1. The listserve is limited to criminal law-related matters. Questions and information should be directly related to the purpose of this association. Please do not forward jokes, chain letters, political commentary, commercial or self-promotional posting, or other unrelated information.
  2. Before sending an email ("posting to the listserv") asking for information and/or opinions, take the time to do some initial research on the topic.
  3. Reply to listserve postings only if you can answer a query with specific information, rather than your surmises of what the law might be.
  4. When replying to a query, delete the original message if your email program tries to append it to your reply. Only leave enough of the original message to make it clear which query you are responding to.
  5. The NACDL Listserves are used by members of NACDL who are lawyers as well as members who are not lawyers. If you are a non-lawyer participant, please include the following statement at the beginning of each message posted to the Listserve: "I am an Associate member of NACDL. I am not a lawyer." For all postings, please Include your name, telephone number and email address at the end of your message so that other members will know who you are and can contact you directly if appropriate.
  6. It is often better to respond by contacting the sender directly, rather than replying via the listserv. A response along the lines of "me too" is unedifying and does not aid discussion. The use of "me too" responses to the listserve is discouraged.
  7. If you no longer wish to be part of the listserve, then simply send an email to [the listserv address from the above index] with only the text "unsubscribe [personal email address goes here]" contained in the body of the message.
  8. Do not – repeat, DO NOT – enable notification features that send automatic responses indicating that you are out of town, on vacation, etc. The result is a never-ending cycle of mail and response.
  9. It is okay to attach a file (such as a motion form) to the message. When doing so, remember to also describe the attachment in the message, so others can decide whether to open it or not. Also notify whether the file is in Word or WordPerfect format.
  10. Do not assume confidentiality in these email/listserve discussions.
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