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NACDL listserves are for the exclusive use of its members. Participate through the Web or through email by subscribing to any one or all of the listserves listed here. Subscribing to listserves is free to members.

The purpose of a listserve is to allow NACDL members to freely exchange questions, answers, and information related to criminal law matters. All email messages to a listserve are sent to participating subscribers. To ensure that issues raised do not result in cluttering up the listserves, here are some guidelines, as well as an index and descriptions of the various listservs available to members. 

Some listservs listed have over 700 subscribers and receives as many as 20-50 messages posted to it each day. If you choose to subscribe, then all of the messages posted to the listserve will automatically be sent to your email address. Optionally, you can receive a single digest email per day, containing all the posts to each listserve. Simply select the Single Digest email per day in frequency menu on the listserve management page.

Great Listserve Story:  Chris Wellborn, Rock Hill, SC

  Chris Wellborn  I am so grateful to everyone who contributes to the NACDL listserves in response to questions and calls for help.  As a sole practitioner in a two person office it makes a huge difference when I can get good advice, case authority, referrals to experts and investigators and other assistance from this great resource.  I have a very busy trial calendar and getting quick responses is not just helpful but essential.  Yesterday my client was sentenced in Federal Court for 1 count of Embezzlement by a Bank Employee and was looking at 15-21 months.  Thanks to the many responses to my query regarding a departure for extraordinary restitution, she received a sentence of time served (1 day) and home detention for 12 months.  The focus of my witness's testimony was in line with the case authority provided by those that responded.  During in camera meeting with the Judge it looked likely she was going to receive prison time but the testimony changed things and that was greatly due to assistance I received on the listserve. As a result, my client was able to go home to her 18 month old son. 

NACDL's listserves are a marvelous resource and I am proud to occasionally contribute and deeply thankful that I can take from it much more than I contribute. 

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