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The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers™ is the nation's preeminent bar association serving the criminal defense profession, and is committed to serving a diverse and inclusive community of lawyers. It provides opportunities for attorneys to connect, share information and learn from one another. NACDL's members also support an advocacy program in the courts, legislatures and regulatory agencies, that promotes indigent access to counsel, abolition of the death penalty, fairer sentencing laws and opposes overcriminalization.

Call the membership hotline at 202-872-4001 or write to assist@nacdl.org.

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You can make a difference in the career of a criminal defense lawyer. Take a moment to introduce another lawyer to America’s best-connected and most knowledgeable criminal defense bar association. After all, most NACDL members first learned about the organization from a colleague…now it’s your turn to use the power of one! Make your one referral today!
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