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Join Two Great Organizations Today!


NCDD & NACDL work together for you!

As a member of both NACDL and NCDD, you enhance your career though networking, peer support, and educational tools both organizations provide. You'll have the resources to help you navigate scientific issues such as toxicology, anatomy, and physiology, to understand the operation and maintenance of equipment used for measuring intoxicants at roadside or in a clinical setting, and legal issues such as search & seizure, availability of counsel, interrogation, and admissibility of evidence, in dealing with DWI charges, as well as a host of other legal issues.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and National College of DUI Defense (NCDD) are two of the leading organizations today providing the highest level of training, to ensure member attorneys are fully prepared to effectively represent clients accused of life-altering charges.  

THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED. If you are interested in joining NACDL, please click here to join.



Offer Expired on November 30, 2019



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Here are a few of the reasons why it makes great sense to join both NACDL and NCDD, and take advantage of their complimentary suite of member benefits:


NACDL and NCDD members have access to the best lawyers in the profession, both online and face-to-face.

Network, share knowledge, and discuss strategy with the best-connected and most knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers in NACDL’s online discussion groups and with our nation’s top DUI lawyers on NCDD’s active Listserve.

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Featured Products

Using the online NACDL and NCDD membership directories, you can make referrals and contact other members in your area and beyond.


Attend NACDL and NCDD’s top-notch CLE events at discounted rates and get reduced pricing on video and audio recordings of NACDL’s CLE seminars.

Stay informed with The Champion®, NACDL’s award-winning magazine, NACDL’s Daily Criminal Justice Briefing, a digest of national legal news, The NCDD Journal, a bi-annual newsletter discussing topics of interest in the DUI defense community, and NCDD’s DUI Appeal of the Day®, posts and discussions regarding appellate cases from around the nation.

Access briefs and motions using NACDL’s Resource Center and NCDD’s Virtual Forensic Library containing over 3,000 scientific articles and journals.

We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to broaden your network and strengthen your practice by taking advantage of everything these two extraordinary organizations have to offer!


Please Note:  NACDL Annual Dues may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense for federal income tax purposes. NACDL estimates that 1.6% of your total membership dues are allocable to lobbying activities of the Association and therefore not deductible for income tax purposes as ordinary and necessary business expense. $90 of annual dues applies to a one-year subscription to The Champion. Contributions to the NACDL Foundation for Criminal Justice are fully tax-deductible.