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Utilizing the Colorado Method of Cause-Based Jury Selection in Sexual Assault Cases


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This 90-minute Masterclass will provide detailed instruction to criminal defense practitioners on how to utilize and apply a modified Colorado Method of cause based jury selection in sexual assault cases. You will learn how to identify and structure your jury selection based on inherent "legal impairments" jurors may have for sitting on a sexual assault jury, and the techniques to promote the admission of these impairments to justify removal of improper jurors. This lecture will teach how to "validate" common legal impairments, maximize the chance that jurors will admit these impairments, and ways to insulate them from "rehabilitation" by the prosecution or Court. Through the use of this cause based method, large numbers of bad jurors can be removed and practitioners will be in a better position to exercise their discretionary challenges. 

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DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: 90 minutes
CLE: This training may be eligible for self-study credit, where authhorized. The program is currently approved in the following states: Alabama (1.5), Arizona (1.5), Arkansas (1.5), California (1.5), Indiana (pending), Mississippi (pending), Nevada (1.5), North Dakota (pending), New Mexico (pending), New York 1.8), Oklahoma (1.8), Pennsylvania (1.5), South Carolina (pending), Tennessee (1.5), Utah (1.5), Vermont (1.5).
Please contact Kaylie Arntson at for inquiries about your state.

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About the Presenter:
Christopher Decker (Denver, CO)
Since entering the practice of law in 1995 Mr. Decker’s commitment to defending the criminally accused has been both extensive and exclusive. He began by volunteering his time at the Colorado State Public Defender’s office in his first year of law school, working in the Denver’s original “Drug Court”. In the following years he was awarded two internships with the Colorado Public Defender, and successfully tried cases to verdict under the Student Practice Act. Upon his graduation in 1995, he was hired as a Deputy State Public Defender as a trial attorney. Mr. Decker practice as a Deputy State Public Defender for more than a decade and was assigned to the Colorado Springs, Arapahoe, Douglas, Adams and Denver trial offices. During his years of service as a Public Defender he handled literally thousands of criminal cases ranging from D.U.I. to murder in the first degree. Mr. Decker has won numerous and significant trial verdicts for his appointed clients. He has won complete acquittals in cases charging sexual assault, first and second degree assault, drug possession and distribution, burglary, theft, menacing, witness intimidation, kidnapping and murder. He has also written several successful criminal appeals being published in People v. Lewis, 975 P.2d 160 (Colo. 1999); and again in People v. Borland Robertson, 56 P.3d 121 (Colo. App. 2002). Mr. Decker has achieved significant peer recognition for his tenacious work over the 26 years of his legal practice. In 2001 he was honored with appointment to the Colorado Criminal Justice Act Panel of Federal defense attorneys. In that capacity he handled complex federal drug cases, bank robberies, and cases involving detained foreign nationals. In 2002, District Court judges in Arapahoe and Denver counties appointed Mr. Decker in the Capital Murder cases filed against Mr. Edward Brown. In these matters Mr. Decker’s client was considered for the death penalty in three Colorado jurisdictions, and in connection with four separate murders. Through extensive pre-trial investigation, litigation, negotiation, and other professional efforts, Mr. Decker and his co-counsel were able to secure coordinated plea agreements that ultimately saved the life of his client. Mr. Decker has tried to verdict well over 200 cases in his career. In the past fifteen years alone, he has tried forty-two cases alleging sexual assault or unlawful sexual conduct. In 2018 alone Mr. Decker had three sexual assaults completely dismissed on the eve of trials. Mr. Decker regularly provides consultation to other attorneys in sexual assault defense cases and has been qualified in five different Colorado jurisdictions to give testimony as an “expert” in matters related to criminal law defense. Mr. Decker has taught trial practice classes, lectured on Sexual Assault defense techniques, and conducted continuing legal education seminars for attorneys in Colorado. He is also a graduate of the National Criminal Defense Collage in Macon Georgia, which is taught and attended by America’s top defense lawyers. The specialized training he received at the NCDC Trial Practice Institute included exposure to the most advanced techniques of witness examinations, trial strategy and methods of persuasion. By joining successful practices with Mr. David R. Jones in 2016, Mr. Decker is now a part of a firm which is unmatched in its specialized trial experience handling serious criminal charges in Colorado. Together, Mr. Decker and Mr. Jones along with their three associate attorneys, deliver a superior level of commitment and expertise which yields positive results.


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