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High Impact Cross-Examination for Sexual Assault Cases


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DATES: Available any time; registrants will have access for 7 days after purchase.
DURATION: Approx. 4 hours
CLE Credit: This training may be eligible for self-study CLE credit, where authorized. NACDL is currently applying for credit in the following states: Alabama (4), Arizona (4), Arkansas (4), California (4), Delaware (pending), Georgia (pending), Indiana (pending), Mississippi (pending), Missouri (4.8), Nevada (pending), North Dakota (4.0), New Mexico (pending), New York (4.8), Oklahoma (5), Pennsylvania (4), South Carolina (4), Tennessee (4), Utah (4) Vermont (4), Virgin Islands (4).

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This completely new and groundbreaking 4-hour training program will give you the techniques needed to win against child and adult sexual offense allegations.  As you easily learn the techniques, you will become a much more impactful cross-examiner in all your future cases – regardless of the allegation. Your success at trial in a sexual assault case is reliant on the effectiveness of your cross-examination. This seminar does more than preach.  It teaches how to become great at cross-examination now, not through multiple trial experiences but through the physical and mental preparation of our chapters of cross-examination.

Use The Chapter Method® to Win!  

Winning crosses employ sophisticated methods of preparation and delivery.
Pozner begins with insights from science on how people make decisions and how we can cause jurors to quickly embrace reasonable doubt.  He then discusses the critical differences between constructive and destructive cross-examinations, while providing specific examples. Pozner explains how the defense can easily apply the concepts of constructive cross-examination for using prosecution witnesses to bolster aspects of the defense. He demonstrates how in the defense of sex-assault cases we can adapt techniques from other kinds of cases, including DUIs, self-defense, and circumstantial evidence cases. And throughout the seminar Pozner shows examples of the chapters of cross that employ these techniques.

How these cross techniques can be adjusted for use in sex assault cases:
Pozner shows how techniques of cross we have already learned can easily be adapted for use in the defense of sexual assault cases.  The result is that we don’t have to learn all-new techniques but can confidently defend sex assault cases using new techniques designed for sex defenses coupled with techniques adapted from other types of cases.

How to take advantage of multiple interviews of the complaining witness:
Pozner shows how one of the features of sex assault investigations can be turned against the prosecution. He illustrates how to find impeachments by charting the multiple interviews of the complaining witness, and how we find within prosecution’s witnesses the stories that will undermine the prosecution theory. Pozner then discusses how we efficiently turn these charts into powerful cross-examinations.

Pozner explains the modern technique of the third-party shift:
The reality: cross of children is intellectually difficult and emotionally challenging. Pozner shows the technique of the 3rd party shift; shifting chapters of cross to an adult and cause them to involuntarily support facts consistent with our defense. Using the 3rd party shift, Pozner demonstrates additional methods of undermining the complainant’s story through prosecution witnesses who think of themselves as friends of the complainant. Pozner discusses the psychological principle of cognitive dissonance and its employment to box in prosecution witnesses so that they defend their work-product while undermining the complainant’s credibility.

A library of high-impact impeachment techniques:
Throughout this seminar Pozner shows how our preparation in one case translates to efficient preparation in all the cases to come, sex assault or any other allegation. Pozner lays out both the formulas and examples of what he terms Pattern Chapters.  These are techniques of cross we can use in sex assault defenses that each severely damages the credibility of the complaining witness. First, we explore how standard impeachments, such as impeachment by inconsistent statement and impeachment by omission, can be made much more effective. Then we examine the newest forms of impeachment including impeachment by behavior, value-based cross-examination, and destroying safe havens.

Pozner-on-Cross lectures are different.
Seldom can we say a speaker “wrote-the book” on a subject.  And rarely does a single book change a profession. For Larry Pozner, both are accurate. Pozner introduced the Chapter Method of Cross-Examination in 1993 in his book Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques, (Lexis 3rd edition, Pozner and Dodd.) It soon became the bible for lawyers intent on winning through cross-examination.

They are the most popular CLEs in America. Here are some reasons why:
More of the science behind juror decision making.
More of the methods of crossing through storytelling.
More of the step-by-step creation of chapters of cross.
And way more examples, making these lectures immediately useful.

BONUS: This seminar comes with the extensive supporting materials:
1. Electronic materials that elaborate on The Chapter Method of cross-examination.
2. Step-by-step instructions on how to create witness statement comparison charts and multiple witness comparison charts.
3. PowerPoint slides that spell out the techniques and dozens of cross-examination examples.



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