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Best of the Best 2021 Web Series


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For the first time ever, NACDL has compiled it’s highest-rated training programs of the year into an online, on-demand CLE web-series you can watch at home anytime! This special 15-episode web-series includes the highest-rated speakers and presentations from all NACDL seminars throughout 2021 - as rated by seminar attendees. All presentations include written materials consisting of detailed outlines, relevant law articles, case law citations, sample documents and more. Rest assured, you will find each of these presentations as interesting and informative as those who saw them LIVE! These presentations cover a wide-variety of issues in criminal defense and will be a great addition to any resource library whether you're a veteran practitioner or just starting your practice. See what made these the highest-rated sessions of the year by registering today!

WATCH a sample before purchasing:

Presentations Included:
1. Communication Techniques to Get Jurors Talking in Voir Dire | James W. Smith, III
2. The Nature, Detection, and Psychology of Deception | Dyke Huish
3. Psychological Seduction: How to Become a Courtroom Influencer | Kelli Childress
4. Using Creative Demonstrative Evidence to Communicate Your Defense Theory & Theme | Stephen Lindsay
5. Telling the Story of Innocence at Trial Through the Use of Narrative Format | Keith Belzer
6. Trying a Sexual Assault Case with Nothing: Sometimes Nothing is a Pretty Cool Hand | Dyke Huish
7. When Race is an Issue in Sexual Assault Cases | Joshua Hargrove & Kathy Stilling
8. Seeing's Not Believing: Cross-Examination of an ID Witness | Jennifer Sellitti
9. Cross of the Arresting Officer in DUI Cases | Abe Hutt
10. Cognitive Bias: Cross Them Up and Cross 'Em Out | Joshua Hargrove
11. Evidence and Objections in Drug Cases | Steven Epstein & Adam Shlahet
12. DUI Trials: Tricks of the Trade | Denis deVlaming
13. Mitigation in Capital Cases: Revealing the Rest of the Story | Prof. Emily Hughes
14. Framing Your Voir Dire Questions to Identify Implicit or Political Bias | Robert Hirschhorn
15. Modern Changes in 4th and 5th Amendment Litigation: Do BodyCams Help? | Todd Pugh

DATES: Available any time 
DURATION: Approx. 16 hours
FLEXIBILITY: Registrants will have 21 days to complete the training
CLE: This training is currently eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (16), Arizona (16), Arkansas (16), Florida (19), Georgia (16), Indiana (16), Mississippi (pending), Missouri (19.2), New Jersey (pending), New Mexico (pending), New York (19.2), North Carolina (pending), North Dakota (pending), Oklahoma (pending), Pennsylvania (16), Tennessee (7), Utah (16), South Carolina (pending) Wisconsic (pending). Please contact Kaylie Arntson at for inquiries about your state.



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