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3 for FREE CLE - June (Members Only)


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NACDL is here for you now and always.


At NACDL, we are fully aware of the unique challenges facing the criminal defense bar. As a result, we are offering these three hours of free online CLE as an exclusive NACDL member benefit

Please remember that NACDL is here, as strong as ever, to provide as much support as we are able to America’s criminal defense bar and the imperiled individuals we represent.

*The FREE Webinars include:

  1. The Power of Storytelling | featuring James Smith
  2. Fair Cross-Section Challenges | featuring Nina Chernoff
  3. Race & Voir Dire |  featuring Michael Heiskell

*These webinars will be available June 12-16 only

CLE: These trainings are eligible for credit in the following states: Alabama (3), Arizona (3), Arkansas (3), California (3), Colorado (3.5),  Florida (3.5), Georgia (3), Idaho (3), Iowa (3), Kansas (3.5), Louisiana (3), Minnesota (3), Mississippi (3), Missouri (3.5 of self-study), Montana (3), Nebraska (3), New Mexico (3), New Jersey (3), New York (3.5), Oklahoma (3.5), Pennsylvania (3), Tennessee (3), Utah (3), Vermont (3), Virgin Islands (3.5),  West Virginia (3.5), Wyoming (3).

NOTE: The Web training link will be sent to you in a confirmation email after registration. 

Code of Conduct

NACDL endeavors to foster a working, learning, and social environment free of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and insult. To that end, NACDL has adopted a Code of Conduct for Affiliated Persons that applies to all attendees and participants of any kind at all NACDL sponsored events.

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