Election Petition

Any NACDL member qualified to vote may nominate any other qualified member or themselves for an Officer or Director position.


Any NACDL member qualified to vote may nominate any other qualified member or himself or herself for an Officer or Director position. The petition, requiring thirty (30) signatures, including at least ten (10) from the nominee’s federal circuit, must be received along with all other required materials, by the Elections Registrar by May 27, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Multiple petition forms may be submitted, but all required materials as well as all petition forms must be submitted in a single transmittal.

The burden to provide 30 valid signatures lies with the petitioner; failure to meet this requirement will result in the petitioner not being listed on the ballot. It is recommended that you obtain extra signatures, in the event a few of those who sign are not eligible (i.e., dues may have lapsed and they are not members any longer, or they may be non-voting members, e.g., honorary members, law professors, law students, associate members). Please note that the online Membership Directory contains up-to-date membership information but does not necessarily qualify an individual to vote in the current election or to sign a petition. Only signatures of those members whose dues are current at the time they sign the petition are valid. 

If you decide to follow this procedure to run by petition, you must provide us with the following additional information for inclusion in the election ballot:

  1. Photograph: Please electronically provide a photograph of at least passport size (2" x 2"), which will accompany your Statement of Qualifications.
  2. Statement of Qualifications. This statement is not to exceed 600 words.
  3. A statement that the petitioner is a member in good standing with his or her respective bar
  4. Disclosure of any indicdtment or information for any felony or crime involving moral turpitude

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