NACDL - Restoration of Rights and Status After Conviction News Archive

Restoration of Rights and Status After Conviction News Archive

Articles on restoration of rights and the collateral consequences of an arrest or conviction

"Op-ed: Governor's pardon power used too rarely," by Margaret Colgate Love, San Francisco Chronicle, December 28, 2012.

"In Bronx Gym, Man Who Went Astray Leads Youths on Straight Path," by Vincent M. Mallozzi, The New York Times, December 27, 2012.

"Editorial: Shortchanging Ex-Offenders," The New York Times, December 23, 2012.

"Commutation Now or Later? Pardon Lawyers Accused of Misrepresenting US Atty Views in Ambiguous Email," by Debra Cassens Weiss, ABA Journal, December 19, 2012.

"Head of Pardons Office Withheld Facts From White House in Key Case," by Dafna Linzer, ProPublica, December 18, 2012.

"IG criticizes Justice pardon attorney over his handling of inmate's plea for release," by Dafna Linzer, The Washington Post, December 18, 2012.

"From Street Hustler to Family Man Eager to Cook," by Jennifer Mascia, The New York Times, December 8, 2012.

"O'Malley's rigid views on crime and punishment push appointment saga to a head," by Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post, December 1, 2012.

"Past crimes cost many their right to vote," by Todd South, The Chattanooga Times Free Press, November 4, 2012.

“Editorial: Wrongly Turning Away Ex-Offenders,” The New York Times, November 3, 2012.

"City Councils, EEOC Grapple with Employment Protections for Ex-Convicts," by Shannon Green, Corporate Counsel, October 18, 2012.

"Programs Keep Inmates From Returning To Prison," NPR, October 12, 2012

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"National Inventory of the Collateral Consequences of Conviction," ABA Criminal Justice Section and National Institute of Justice, September 2012.

"After Jail and Release, New Fame as an Author," The New York Times, September 23, 2012.

"Succeeding after spending time behind bars," WTOP, September 21, 2012.

"New Website Shows 'Collateral Consequences' of Criminal Convictions," The Blog of LegalTimes, September 20, 2012.

"Mass Incarceration, Collateral Consequences & Race: A Literature Review," by Natalya Rice, University of North Carolina School of Law.

"Disenfranchised Felons," The New York Times, July 16, 2012.

"Study estimates 350,000 Virginia felons cannot vote," Richmond Times-Dispatch, July 13, 2012.

"U.S. Push on Illegal Bias Against Hiring Those With Criminal Records," The New York Times, June 20, 2012.

"Life on the List," Observer, Thursday May 31, 2012

"Can a sex-offender ever have a fresh start?, May 15, 2012.

"Obama may have stingiest pardon record of any American president," Grits for Breakfast, May 9, 2012.

"US gives employers fresh advice on background checks," Reuters, April 26, 2012.

"EEOC Guidance Emphasizes Possible Bias in Blanket Bans of Job Applicants with Criminal Pasts," ABA Journal, April 26, 2012.

"A Fair Shot at a Job," The New York Times, April 21, 2012.

"‘A Step Forward’ for Jobseekers with Criminal Records," The Crime Report, May 8, 2012.

"After They Check the Box," The New York Times, April 29, 2012.

"Quinn gives clemency to dozens," The Chicago Tribune, April 7, 2012.

"California Governor Commutes Sentence in Shaken Baby Case," ProPublica, April 6, 2012.

"Supreme Court Accepts Marijuana Deportation Case," ABA Journal, April 2, 2012.

"Federal Officials Raid Medical Marijuana School in Oakland," The New York Times, April 2, 2012.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development Letter to Multifamily Properties on Reentry 

"What’s In a Name? A Lot, When the Name is Felon," The Crime Report, March 13, 2012.

"Port Authority bans the hiring of convicted felons in port commerce jobs," The Star-Ledger, March 13, 2012.

"Drug Policy as Race Policy: Best Seller Galvanizes the Debate,"The New York Times, March 7, 2012.

"Ex.-Md. governor Erhlich plans law school clinic, training program for felons seeking pardons," The Washington Post, March 5, 2012.

"Michigan Prisoner Re-Entry program keeping more parolees out, audit finds," Detriot Free Press, February 7, 2012.

"Mississippi High Court Takes Up Haley Barbour Pardons Case," ABA Journal, February 2, 2012.

"Why I released 26 prisoners," The Washington Post, January 18, 2012.

"Santorum hammers Romney over felon voting rights," CBS News, January 16, 2012.

"Pepsi to Pay $3.13 Million and Made Major Policy Changes to Resolve EEOC Finding of Nationwide Hiring Discrimination Against African Americans," U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Press Release, January 11, 2012.

"The benefits of a presidential pardon commission," The Washington Post, January 12, 2012. 

"Paying a Price, Long After the Crime," by Alfred Blumstein and Kiminori Nakamura, The New York Times, January 10, 2012.

"Lawsuit settled for Reading man denied job in Breinigsville due to manslaughter charges," The Express-Times, January 6, 2012. 

"The president’s stingy use of pardons," The Washington Post, January 8, 2012. 

"In Our Backyard: Overcoming Community Resistance to Reentry Housing (A NIMBY Toolkit)," The Fortune Society and John Jay College Of Criminal Justice. 

"A Broken System, and Too Few Pardons," The New York Times, December 19, 2011. 

"Open Letter to Our Friends on the Question of Language," Center for Leadership on Urban Solutions. 

"State Reforms Promoting Employment of People with Criminal Records: 2010-11 Legislative Round-Up," National Employment Law Project, December 2011.

"Nat’l Criminal Defense Bar to Hold Hearings on Barriers to Re-Entry and the Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Record,” NACDL News Release, October 17, 2011.

"Civic Justice Corps: Transforming Re-Entry Through Service," The Corps Network, November 2009.

"Reentry MythBusters," Federal Interagency Reentry Council.