Nominating Committee Report

The following NACDL members have been nominated by the Nominating Committee for director and officer positions in the annual election.

The following individuals are nominated for director and officer positions in NACDL's 2021 election.

For Officer Positions

  • President Elect: Nellie King - West Palm Beach, FL
  • First Vice President: Michael Heiskell - Fort Worth, TX
  • Second Vice President: Chris Wellborn - Rock Hill, SC
  • Secretary: Andy Birrell - Minneapolis, MN

For Director Positions

  • Huda Ajlani Macri - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Benjamin Au - Los Angeles, CA
  • Jonathan Brayman - Chicago, IL
  • Eric Davis - Houston, TX
  • Nicole DeBorde Hochglaube - Houston, TX
  • Shahzad Naseem - Kansas City, MO
  • C. Melissa "Missy" Owen - Charlotte, NC
  • Robert Patillo - Baltimore, MD
  • Sonya Pfeiffer - Charlotte, NC
  • Gabriel Reyes - Dallas, TX
  • Justin Rosas - Medford, OR
  • Tony Thedford - Chicago, IL
  • Ian Wallach - Los Angeles, CA

NACDL's Nominating Committee met virtually several times between April 5 and 17, and on April 17 finalized the nominated slate shown above.

NACDL members may still run for these positions via the petition process. The deadline to submit candidacy petitions is May 27, 2021 at 5:00 pm ET.

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