Concerning the Coronavirus

A Message from NACDL Immediate Past President Drew Findling

I write to you today as Chair of NACDL’s Nominating Committee and NACDL’s Immediate Past President in order to share some useful and important information with you, NACDL members.

Free Online CLE for NACDL Members

In the coming days, NACDL will announce a three-week series of free online CLE programs, exclusively available to NACDL members. NACDL recognizes the tremendous hardships and disruptions that the COVID-19 crisis has caused everyone in the NACDL family, and we hope that this series will at least be able to help some of our members' practice, professional, and continuing education needs. The subjects, timing, and more details will be announced soon, so stay tuned! (You can also see the full CLE calendar, which will include this free series, at

Government Assistance for Small Businesses

NACDL’s leadership and staff are keenly aware of the challenges that small businesses, including law practices, are facing during the current crisis. Here are some links that might be helpful to you:

Election Deadline Extension

First, for those of you interested in serving on NACDL’s Board of Directors or as an Officer, I write as the chair of NACDL's Nominating Committee to announce that the deadline for submitting candidacy materials to the Nominating Committee is extended until April 17 at 5:00 pm ET. This extension recognizes the extraordinary disruptions in our lives, practices, and other pursuits that have resulted from the COVID-19 crisis. Information on the NACDL election is available at

Coronavirus Resources Page

To further NACDL’s focus on service and support for the criminal defense community throughout the coronavirus emergency, NACDL has launched a public resource section of the NACDL website addressing the intersection of the criminal justice system and the coronavirus pandemic. This NACDL resource is available at

Thank you for your membership in this NACDL family.


Drew Findling

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NACDL Immediate Past President

Chair, Nominating Committee

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