NACDL - Issues of The Champion published in 2012

Issues of The Champion published in 2012

Issues of The Champion published in 2012

January/February 2012

How does the defense team research the background of the prosecution's expert? What are effective strategies for challenging forensic evidence?

March 2012

Find out how forensic computer examiners help the defense how defenders can survive tough times and how the UK Bribery Act of 2010 differs from the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

April 2012

Do alerts by drug-detection dogs justify a warrantless search? Is an eyewitness’s identification of a suspect more reliable if the suspect is a prior acquaintance of the eyewitness?

May 2012

As defense attorneys prepare to defend a criminal case they must keep in mind the potential for bias in the interpretation of forensic evidence.

June 2012

NACDL has launched a 15-month celebration of the historic decision in Gideon v Wainwright to honor the role that defense lawyers play in ensuring justice for people accused of crimes.

July 2012

When recorded evidence is involved in undercover cases it is important for the jury to understand that there is no such thing as a spontaneous undercover conversation. Can the use of short breaks during closing argument help jurors retain more defense-oriented information?

August 2012

What should defense lawyers read collect and prepare before examining a pathologist in a homicide case? What cues are law enforcement officers looking for when determining if a motorcyclist is DWI?

September/October 2012

There are six key issues where the court’s instructions to the jury can affect the outcome of a case and where there is much room for advocacy.

November 2012

Finding information about the government’s expert requires more than a 10-minute Google search. Learn how to find an expert’s journal book and social media writings.

December 2012

DNA evidence is typically accompanied by impressive statistics so why are DNA test results sometimes unreliable? Are prosecutors disciplined when they violate the fair trial rights of defendants?