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As an Affiliated Organization, you have a partner when it comes to grassroots advocacy.  NACDL is here to work with you to ensure that an active, engaged, and effective grassroots advocacy network is at your disposal.  Angelyn C. FrazerNACDL's Director of State Legislative Affairs and Special Projects for:

  • Grassroots Advocacy Training - Give your members the knowledge and tools to become vocal and effective advocates for criminal justice issues. 
  • Issue Advocacy Strategy - Have NACDL assist and provide input in your legislative battle plan.  NACDL's involvement can be as visible or invisible as your organization desires. 
  • Legislative Outreach Planning and Execution - Conducting events with both legislators and members in attendance is a great way to encourage effective relationships and to educate legislators on pertinent issues. 
  • Advocacy Day Prep, Planning, and Execution - An annual lobby day is a great way to bring attention to important issues, get your membership involved in the legislative process, and to educate legislators on pertinent issues. 
  • Online Advocacy Action Alerts for State Issues - Does your state have pending legislation that requires your membership to take action?  Take advantage of NACDL's online advocacy tools!  By giving NACDL legislative background and call-to-action information, an online advocacy alert can be sent to your membership and other criminal defense lawyers in your state. 
  • And More! - Please feel free to contact NACDL for any kind of advocacy question or need! 

For any kind of advocacy assistance please contact Angelyn C. Frazer, NACDL's Director of State Legislative Affairs and Special Projects.  NACDL is committed to providing affiliated organizations the advocacy support needed to ensure justice for all persons accused of a crime.


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