NACDL Advocacy Resources

NACDL strives to assist you with your legislative and advocacy efforts through a variety of resources.  

Although some of these resources are restricted to members,we are at your service to assist you in identifying an affiliate in your state interested in working on a particular piece of legislation or helping put out an alert on an issue you are supporting or attempting to defeat.  

Here is just a sample of our offerings:

  • The State Criminal Justice Network (SCJN) listserv is the only listserv NACDL manages that does not require membership in NACDL to access.  Through the listserv, Network members share and seek information on a variety of criminal justice issues from knowledgeable colleagues. 
  • Action Alert Information Template.  This template ensures that we gather all the information required to set-up an alert in NACDL’s CapWiz system for a coherent and effective message. 
  • NACDL Witness Fund is available to affiliate members who seek to bring in a witness to testify at a legislative hearing or commission meeting.  Funds are limited and require an application that can be requested from Angelyn, at
  • Bill tracking service. We can track legislation on any criminal justice issue pending in a state or several state legislatures. While the service is primarily geared towards members, we will send out reports on bills to SCJN members periodically or upon request.
  • SCJN National Advocacy Calls on Developing Legislation 
  • Providing grassroots lobbying training and logistical support for lobbying events.
  • Assistance in conducting outreach to underserved communities and unlikely allies.

We hope that you utilize these resources and that they aid you in your legislative and advocacy efforts. As always, please feel free to contact Angelyn C. Frazer, State Legislative Affairs Director if you have any questions or concerns via email at or  phone at (202) 465-7642.



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