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What rights did you lose after your conviction?

Thank you for the participating in this survey. Your story will help us gain valuable information about the various collateral consequences associated with a conviction.

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If incarcerated‎, what was the date of your release?

Rights Lost and Restored

What rights and privileges did you lose (voting, employment, housing, etc.)?

Did you receive any of the following remedies:


In your jurisdiction, do you have have to apply to have rights restored (voting rights, firearms license, etc.)?

If you did apply, what was the outcome?

If you did receive a remedy, what rights were restored?


Is there any other information or comments you wish to share with us?

How your information will be used

NACDL appreciates the information you have provided us regarding collateral consequences you have experienced as a result of your conviction. We have conducted research around the country for over two years and are well aware of the sensitivities around having a conviction on one's record. While we cannot guarantee the use of any particular story, we will ensure that the information you provided is accurate as you have reported it. We will also contact you to let you know what segments of your information we intend to use in our report, website, press releases or any other materials associated with the project.

In submitting your information you agree to not hold NACDL liable for any actions that may be taken against you by any entity due to your conviction.

Again we thank you for participating in a process in which we hope will effectively address polices that negatively impact an individual's potential for reentering communities and society as a whole post-conviction.

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For more information contact Angelyn C. Frazer at restorationsurvey@nacdl.org or (202) 465-7642.

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