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NACDL Co-Sponsorship Protocols

As adopted February 24, 2007 (Download an application for co-sponsorship).

NACDL’s Institutional Mission:

Ensure justice and due process for persons accused of crime; Foster the integrity, independence and expertise of the criminal defense profession; Promote the proper and fair administration of criminal justice; Encourage a rational and humane criminal justice policy for America, providing fairness for all.

NACDL’s Educational Mission:

To craft innovative, high quality and affordable CLE programming meeting the diverse needs of the criminal defense practitioner in varying practice areas and to elevate standards of advocacy for the criminal defense lawyer. 

Policy Statement:

NACDL seeks to provide the highest caliber of professional training. The Association recognizes that joint programming with other reputable organizations may provide substantial benefits to the membership of the respective organizations and to the legal profession as a whole. NACDL will consider partnering with other entities in the Co-Sponsorship of CLE programs providing:

  1. The prospective program meets NACDL’s high standards
  2. NACDL will have reasonable participation in determining the content of the program and the selection of faculty
  3. There is a fair and reasonable allotment of resources, costs, and revenues consistent with sound fiscal policy
  4. The timing and content of the program does not detract from other NACDL CLE programming
  5. The program is consistent with NACDL’s institutional mission
  6. The program provides identifiable benefits to NACDL, its members, and its mission

This policy statement was adopted by NACDL’s Board of Directors on February 24, 2007

Application Guidelines:

NACDL will review all properly completed applications and endeavor to determine the outcome of the request within 30 days of submission. Upon approval, an official Co-Sponsorship Agreement will be drafted outlining the terms and parameters of the agreement and signed by representatives of both parties. When applicable, NACDL reserves the right to review and pre-approve the agenda, faculty, general theme of the program, and any marketing information whether oral or written, including but not limited to documents, publications, printed advertising, e-mails, or web-based content that implies NACDL’s participation in the program.


To request consideration of your application, please complete the attached questionnaire and return it with all relevant program details to: Gerald Lippert, Managing Director of Institutional Development , NACDL, 1660 L St. NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20036. Questions? Call (202) 872-8600 x636.

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