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NACDL offers a limited number of paid E-mail Broadcasts to its contact list per year.  Our e-mail lists offer advertisers a great opportunity to directly reach members of the nation's largest criminal defense bar organization, including both private attorneys (80%) and public defenders (15%).  The remaining 5% are Judges, Professors, and Law Students.  Our e-mail list is up-to-date and very effective.  You provide the content and we'll blast out your message to our e-mail addresses.

NACDL only sends two e-mail blasts per week to our members (Tuesdays and Thursdays) so we don't overload our members with e-mail.  This ensures that your message will get the attention it deserves.  Our e-mails have very high click through and open rates.  When you purchase an e-mail blast, your message or content will be the sole information for that e-mail.  We don't group multiple messages together into one e-mail blast.  A targeted e-mail is a great way to get your message across to these attorneys.

Broadcast emails are just $1,200 each. Rates vary depending on quantity -- reserve yours today!

NACDL is committed to helping you get the most benefit from your advertising.  For frequency discounts, samples, to place an order, or to discuss other marketing options and customized packages, please call Jessica Stepan at (202) 465-7629 or email





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