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Advertising in The Champion

DISPLAY AD RATES (black & white):  

Champion Rates
Frequency  1 Issue  3 Issues  6 Issues  10 Issues 
Full Page $1405 $1265 $1185 $1050
2/3 Page $1185 $1075 $1005 $890
1/2 Page $990 $890 $830 $745
1/3 Page $800 $720 $675 $600
1/6 Page $635 $560 $535 $470
2 Page Spread $2395 $2230 $2065 $1895

 * Inserts: Call for rates and specifications.  A sample copy of the insert must accompany the advertising insertion order form.  Content is subject to approval of the publisher. 


  • Two color: Black plus one additional color (publisher's choice): Page rate plus $410
  • Four color: Page rate plus $750  
  • Bleeds: Add 15% to base ad rate
  • Inside Front Cover: Full page rate plus 35%
  • Back Cover: Full page rate plus 35%
  • Inside Back Cover:
  • Full page rate plus 25%
  • Center Spread: Twice full page rate plus 25%
  • Pages 1, 2: Full page rate plus 25%
All ads have run of book. Position requests are only honored for paid pages 1, 2, center spread and cover ads.


These exclusive ad rates are reserved for NACDL members only to announce any changes to their law practice.

  • Full Page $875 (1x) if Camera Ready $975 if In-House 
  • 1/2 Page $650 (1x) if Camera Ready $730 if In-House 
  • 1/4 Page $425 (1x) if Camera Ready $485 if In-House

Classified ads are typeset with approximately 42 characters per line. A character is any letter, number, figure, punctuation mark or space.  The pricing for classified advertising is as follows:

  • $58 for the first (4) typeset lines
  • $12 for each additional typeset line

Minimum charge is $58.  10% discount for classified ads that run 10 consecutive issues.  All classified ads must be pre-paid with order.


NACDL offers 15% commission to all recognized advertising agencies for display advertisements.  Invoices are mailed directly to the advertising agency.


All ads appearing in the printed Champion Magazine will also be shown on-line via our new page-turning functionality for online viewing, and will be linkable to the advertisers' website.  This is a great way to gain double-exposure for your product or service.


All specifications for ads (below) are listed in picas and inches. Allow an extra 1/8" (1p) on all sides for a bleed. Please check with the advertising manager before ad is designed to bleed. Remember to keep copy 1/2" (3p) from trim.

  • Full Page (43p6 x 59p3) 7 1/4" x 9 7/8" 
  • 2/3 Page (28p8 x 59p3) 4 3/4" x 9 7/8" 
  • 1/2 Page (43p6 x 28p8) 7 1/4" x 4 3/4"
  • 1/3 Page vertical (13p10 x 59p3) 2 5/16" x 9 7/8"
  • 1/3 Page square (28p8 x 28p8) 4 3/4" x 4 3/4"
  • 1/6 Page (13p10 x 28p8) 2 5/16" x 4 3/4"

Full Page Champion Ad Full Page  2/3 Page Champion Ad 2/3 Page  1/2 Page Champion Ad 1/2 Page  1/3 Vertical  Champion Ad 1/3 Vertical 

1/3 Square  Champion Ad 1/3 Square   1/4 Prof. Announcements Only  Champion Ad 1/4 Page    1/6 Page Champion Ad 1/6 Page 


In-house design and production services are available for an additional one-time fee of 20% of ad rate if requested by advertising reservation deadline. Please forward ad copy with reservation form. Revisions to or redesign of published ads require additional fees.


All furnished film must meet SWDP standards. 

Process color requirements: Once screened negative (RRED) with register marks per color, same size as ad to appear.  133 line-screen is preferred; 150 line-screen is accepted.  Set of progressive proofs or Cromalin/Matchprint required.  Maximum density of 4-color (CMYK) film 280%.

Black/White, 2 or 3 color requirements: 133 line-screen is preferred for halftones; 150 line-screen is accepted.  Furnished material required as negative -- right reading, emulsion side down (RRED) per color.  Composite proof must accompany negative.

1 pt. border on artwork.  Publisher will provide or replace border if needed. 


QuarkXPress 3.3 to size including any and all images, Adobe screen fonts, and a composite grayscale laser print for 1 color (black & white) and a composite color laser for 2 or 4 color.  Supplied in uncompressed format on a non-returnable 3 1/2" floppy or 100MB Zip disk.  Image specifications 300dpi tiffs@ 100% in grayscare for 1 color and CMYK for 4-color.

Print:  Printed web-offset on 60# gloss text, 100# gloss text on cover.  Binding: Perfect Bound.


The Champion is issued 10 times per year with two combined issues in January/February and September/October.  Download the 2018 Editorial Calendar.

Champion Schedule
Jan/Feb November 3 November 17 January 27
March January 3 January 17 February 27
April February 3 February 17 March 27
May March 3 March 17 April 27
June April 3 April 17 May 27
July May 3 May 17 June 27
August June 3 June 17 July 27
Sept/Oct August 3 August 17 September 27
November September 3 September 17 October 27
December October 3 October 17 November 24

NACDL is committed to helping you get the most benefit from your advertising. To place an ad, or if you have other marketing ideas or need a more customized package, please call Jessica Stepan at (202) 465-7629 or email jstepan@nacdl.org to further discuss.

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