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"U.S. Studies Moving Guantánamo Detainees to Colorado Prison," by Charlie Savage, New York Times, October 2, 2015.

"Pentagon to search for ‘Guantánamo North’ in Colorado," by Carol Rosenberg, Miami Herald, October 2, 2015.

"Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Said to Be Held by Morocco," by Charlie Savage, New York Times, October 1, 2015.

"Nonprofits urge 'No' vote on defense policy bill over Guantanamo," by Rebecca Kheel, The Hill, October 1, 2015.

"Senators push feds to get warrants for cellphone spying," by Julian Hattem, The Hill, September 29, 2015.

"New York City to Join U.S. Anti-Terrorist Program Criticized by Rights Groups," by Michael M. Grynbaum, New York Times, September 29, 2015.

"Edward Snowden Joins Twitter, Follows The NSA," by Eyder Peralta, NPR, September 29, 2015.

"Covert Electronic Surveillance Prompts Calls for Transparency," by Timothy Williams, New York Times, September 28, 2015.

"Court hears first arguments in case challenging bulk data collection by NSA," by Nicky Woolf, The Guardian, September 28, 2015.

"Wikipedia's Lawsuit Against NSA Internet Vacuum Has First Day in Court," by Steven Nelson, U.S. News & World Report, September 25, 2015.

"Pentagon Says High-Profile Guantánamo Detainee Will Be Sent to Britain," by Charlie Savage, New York Times, September 25, 2015.

"‘The Best Way to Close Guantánamo’: Reader Q&A," by The Editors, New York Times, September 25, 2015.

"NSA head: We need bulk collection," by Julian Hattem, The Hill, September 24, 2015.

"Hackers Took Fingerprints of 5.6 Million U.S. Workers, Government Says," by David E. Sanger, New York Times, September 23, 2015.

"Feds: Still no proof Verizon Wireless in NSA surveillance program," by Josh Gerstein, Politico, September 23, 2015.

"Saudi Held at Guantánamo Is Repatriated, Reducing Number of Detainees to 114," by Charlie Savage, New York Times, September 22, 2015.

"Rights Group Slams DOJ's 'Inconsistent' Response To Senate Torture Report," by Carrie Johnson, NPR, September 22, 2015.

"Justice officials threatened mass resignation over retroactive approval of NSA program," by Debra Cassens Weiss, ABA Journal, September 21, 2015.

"How to Close Guantánamo," by The Editorial Board, New York Times, September 19, 2015.

"Younis Abdurrahman Chekkouri: The Latest Freed Gitmo Prisoner," by David A. Graham, The Atlantic, September 17, 2015.

"Third Minnesota man pleads guilty to trying to join ISIS," by Julian Hattem, The Hill, September 17, 2015.

"Local Civil Rights Groups Release Proposed Policy On Police Body Cameras," by Zeninjor Enwemeka, WBUR, September 17, 2015.

"Cameras, Cops and Accountability," Newseum Institute, September 17, 2015.

"Obama faces growing momentum to support widespread encryption," by Ellen Nakashima and Andrea Peterson, Washington Post, September 16, 2015.

"Bill to limit reach of US warrants faces uphill battle in Congress," by Mario Trujillo, The Hill, September 13, 2015.

"All the Ways the Government Can Use Your Phone to Watch You," by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic, September 11, 2015.

"First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email," by Julia Angwin, ProPublica, September 10, 2015.

"Hackers hit Energy Department; ‘terrorist activity’ language holds up Intel bill; Brown vetoes drone measure," by Elise Viebeck, Washington Post, September 10, 2015.

"U.S. battle over Microsoft e-mails could result in ‘global free-for-all’," by Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post, September 9, 2015.

"Minneapolis Unveiling Plan To Counter Recruiting By ISIS," by Dina Temple-Raston, NPR, September 9, 2015.

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