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"6,000 Non-Violent Federal Inmates Set To Be Freed In Largest One-Time Release," by Lynette Holloway, NewsOne For Black America, October 7, 2015.

"Cheap fix: heroin's resurgence -- This is where heroin almost killed her," by Marc Fisher and Katie Zezima, Washington Post, October 3, 2015.

"Heroin, Murder, and the New Front in the War on Drugs," by Daniel Denvir, VICE, September 28, 2015.

"Opinion: The Real Roots of ’70s Drug Laws," by Michael Javen Fortner, September 28, 2015.

"Oregon’s Legal Sale of Marijuana Comes With Reprieve," by Kirk Johnson, New York Times, September 20, 2015.

"Awesome Tips, Dude: Denver May Allow Pot In Bars, Restaurants," by Ben Markus, NPR, September 18, 2015.

"Legalized Pot Might Create Work Lawyers Fear Going After," by Gina Passarella, Legal Intelligencer, September 15, 2015.

"From Club To Clinic: How MDMA Could Help Some Cope With Trauma," NPR, September 13, 2015.

"First legal harvest of marijuana fueling gray market for pot in U.S. capital," by Aaron C. Davis, Washington Post, September 12, 2015.

"Race, Class And The Response To Today’s Heroin Epidemic," Here & Now, WBUR, September 11, 2015.

"Price Soars For Key Weapon Against Heroin Overdoses," NPR, September 10, 2015.

"Life in prison for selling marijuana: Meet the people new pot laws forgot," by Tony Dokoupil, MSNBC, September 8, 2015.

"Medical Marijuana a Hazy Issue for NJ Employers," by Charles Toutant, New Jersey Law Journal, September 4, 2015.

"Colorado: Pro-Marijuana Activists Pull Back on Ballot Measure," by Jack Healy, New York Times, September 3, 2015.

"As Heroin Addiction Grows, Maine Focuses On Drug Enforcement," by Susan Sharon, NPR, August 29, 2015.

"Report: Federal Drug Sentence Length Up 36 Percent Since 1980," The Crime Report, August 28, 2015.

"The heroin epidemic’s toll: One county, 70 minutes, eight overdoses," by Lenny Bernstein, Washington Post, August 23, 2015.

"Courts Aren't Buying Dispensary-Raiding Cops' 'Expectation Of Privacy' Arguments," by Tim Cushing, Techdirt, August 21, 2015.

"These could be the next states to legalize marijuana," by Daniel Roberts, Fortune, August 19, 2015.

"The Man Who Screamed So Loud the Drug Laws Changed," by Jennifer Gonnerman, The New Yorker, August 19, 2015.

"Opinion: How Gay Marriage Is Like Legalizing Pot," by Barney Frank, Politico Magazine, August 19, 2015.

"Leonard Pitts Jr.: The assault on the Fourth Amendment," by Leonard Pitts Jr., San Jose Mercury News, August 18, 2015.

"U.S. Budgets Cash to Treat Heroin Abuse in Northeast," by Michael D. Shear, New York Times, August 17, 2015.

"The Heroin Statistics That Spooked the White House," by Marina Koren, The Atlantic, August 17, 2015.

"In heroin fight, White House will push treatment," by Marc Fisher, Washington Post, August 16, 2015.

"With Clemency From Obama, Drug Offender Embraces Second Chance," by Alan Schwarz, New York Times, August 14, 2015.

"Opinion: To medicate with marijuana or not, that’s the question," by Susan Okie, Washington Post, August 13, 2015.

"When Heroin Hits the White Suburbs," by Andrew Cohen, Marshall Project, August 12, 2015.

"Marijuana law creates confusion but finds growing acceptance in District," by Brianna Gurciullo and Karen Mawdley, Washington Post, August 9, 2015.

"Congress and Obama Are Too Timid on Marijuana Reform," by The Editorial Board, New York Times, August 8, 2015.

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