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"Opinion: Georgia death penalty case is straight from the theater of the absurd," by Scott Martelle, The Los Angeles Times, January 23, 2015.

"Defending those accused of unthinkable crimes," by Scott Helman, The Boston Globe, January 21, 2015.

"Brown appointees to Supreme Court renew hopes in death penalty cases," by Maura Dolan, Los Angeles Times, January 21, 2015.

"The Near Death of Mark Christeson," by Ken Armstrong, The Marshall Project, January 20, 2015.

"The Known Unknowns of Lethal Injection," by Matt Ford, The Atlantic, January 16, 2015.

"Oklahoma to Resume Executions, 9 Months After a Lethal Injection Went Awry," by Erik Eckholm, The New York Times, January 15, 2015.

"Oklahoma Executes First Inmate Since Slipshod Injection in April," by Erik Eckholm, The New York Times, January 15, 2015.

"The Great Ohio Death Drug Mystery," by Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project, January 14, 2015.

"Drug Switch May Delay Executions in Ohio," by Timothy Williams, The New York Times, January 8, 2015.

"Pursuing death penalty boosts public’s costs, Seattle U study says," by Jennifer Sullivan, The Seattle Times, January 7, 2015.

"Lawyers Try To Fight Death Penalty With New PTSD Understanding," by Quil Lawrence, NPR, January 6, 2015.

"Summit County has $400,000 deficit in indigent defense fund," Associated Press, January 5, 2015.

"Editorial: Shifting Politics on the Death Penalty," The New York Times, January 4, 2015.

"Life Sentences for Last Four Facing Death in Maryland," by Alan Blinder, The New York Times, December 31, 2014.

"South Carolina: Wrongful Execution Ruling Will Stand," The Associated Press, December 24, 2014.

"Report: Texas Executes Fewer People," by John Council, Texas Lawyer, December 22, 2014.

"After Botched Execution, Oklahoma Is to Resume Lethal Injections," by Erik Eckholm, The New York Times, December 22, 2014.

"Political pressure existed to find new execution drug, former Oklahoma DOC official testifies," by Cary Aspinwall, Tulsa World, December 19, 2014.

"Federal judge considering Oklahoma's death penalty," Chattanooga Times Free Press, December 19, 2014.

"How the death penalty continued its slow, steady decline in 2014," by Mark Berman, The Washington Post, December 18, 2014.

"The Slow Death of the Death Penalty," by Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project, December 17, 2014.

"South Carolina Judge Vacates Conviction of George Stinney in 1944 Execution," by Campbell Robertson, The New York Times, December 17, 2014.

"Tennessee high court considers identifying executioners," by Stacy Berchenger, The Tennessean, December 15, 2014.

"Grisly Execution in Oklahoma Detailed in Court Brief," by Erik Eckholm, The New York Times, December 13, 2014.

"US executes inmates in Georgia, Missouri," Agence France-Presse, December 10, 2014.

"Ohio lawmakers remove death penalty bill measure that could have led to drug shortages," Associated Press, December 10, 2014.

"NACDL Joins '90 Million Strong Campaign' Against the Death Penalty," NACDL News Release, December 9, 2014.

"Can the death penalty be abolished?," by Sandhya Somashekhar, The Washington Post, December 9, 2014.

"Appeals court hears arguments from death row inmate," by Pamela Wood, The Baltimore Sun, December 8, 2014.

"Federal Appeals Court Halts Execution in Texas Murder Case," by David Montgomery, The New York Times, December 3, 2014.

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