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"Kentucky Man Arrested for Shooting Down a Drone Over His Property," by Daniel White, TIME, July 29, 2015.

"Amazon suggests a separate airspace for delivery drones," BBC News, July 29, 2015.

"Drones: a force for good when flying in the face of disaster," by Jennifer Hlad, The Guardian, July 28, 2015.

"Conference at NASA Ames Talks Drone Safety, Privacy Risks," by Marianne Favro, NBC Bay Area, July 28, 2015.

"Regulate drones but not too much," by Editorial Board, Japan Times, July 25, 2015.

"National Guard Seeks More Drones For Domestic Missions," by Blake Farmer, NPR, July 22, 2015.

"Gun-Firing Drone Subject of Federal Investigation," by David Kerley, ABC News, July 21, 2015.

"Chasing Video With Drones, Hobbyists Imperil California Firefighting Efforts," by Jennifer Medina, New York Times, July 19, 2015.

"Expected NC Drone Boom Presents Economic Opportunities, Regulatory Challenges," by Jay Price, WUNC, July 15, 2015.

"After drone diverts fire-fighting planes, lawmakers want fines and jail time," by Megan Geuss, Ars Technica, July 13, 2015.

"Drone hunts down suspect in car theft and robbery," by Sean Gallagher, ars technica, July 2, 2015.

"New York Man Acquitted in Drone-Surveillance Case," by Jack Nicas, Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2015.

"Congress warned that drones present 'a nightmare scenario for civil liberties'," by Sam Thielman, The Guardian, June 17, 2015.

"DOJ Releases Surveillance Drone Policy, Undercuts Accountability Claims By Exempting It From Use In Court," by Tim Cushing, techdirt, June 2, 2015.

"What The Justice Department’s New Drone Rules Mean For Your Privacy," by Kelsey D. Atherton, Popular Science, May 26, 2015.

"With More Drones Comes More Privacy Concerns," ABC News, May 23, 2015.

"Justice Department issues policy on domestic drone use," Associated Press, May 22, 2015.

"Airmail via Drones Is Vexing for Prisons," by Michael S. Schmidt, The New York Times, April 22, 2015.

"Governor perfect on vetoes, but splits with assembly on drones and electronic surveillance limits," by Michael Martz and Jim Nolan, Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 15, 2015.

"ND Legislature passes measure limiting drone usage," Associated Press, April 10, 2015.

"Gov. McAuliffe’s Amendments Expand Law Enforcement Access to Drones," by Craig Zirpolo, Capital News Service, April 5, 2015.

"Drone ban presents challenge for sheriff's office, officials say," by Travis Highfield, The Augusta Chronicle, April 5, 2015.

" N.D. Senate approves limits on law enforcement UAS," by John Hageman, Forum News Service, April 2, 2015.

"Privacy Group Sues FAA Over Drone Rules," by Jack Nicas, The Wall Street Journal, March 31, 2015.

"No drone surveillance of crime scene (even from 150 feet above), police say," by Eugene Volokh, The Washington Post, March 30, 2015.

"Inspector general report: ATF bought 11 drones but never flew them," by Sari Horwitz, The Washington Post, March 25, 2015.

"Maine legislators to hear bills controlling drone use," by Edward D. Murphy, The Portland Press Herald, March 23, 2015.

"Drone privacy bill advances," Palm Beach Post, March 18, 2015.

"Michigan State Police officials demonstrate aerial drone," Associated Press, March 11, 2015.

"State police gets OK to use drones in investigations," by Tom Greenwood, The Detroit News, March 9, 2015.

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