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"What were you thinking? As the criminal code expands, intent is often ignored," The Economist, January 24, 2015.

"Opinion: Georgia death penalty case is straight from the theater of the absurd," by Scott Martelle, The Los Angeles Times, January 23, 2015.

"Why Adnan Syed of ‘Serial’ Should Have Pleaded Guilty," by JaneAnne Murray, The New York Times, January 22, 2014.

"Lawmakers push to require a warrant for GPS tracking by police," by Julian Hattem, The Hill, January 22, 2015.

"Judge Vacates Guilty Pleas of Men Charged With Insider Trading in I.B.M. Stock," by Matthew Goldstein, The New York Times, January 22, 2015.

"Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the Presumption of Innocence," by Masha Gessen, The New Yorker, January 22, 2015.

"Argument analysis: What exactly is a 'routine' traffic stop, and should a suspicionless dog sniff be part of it?," by Rory Little, SCOTUSblog, January 22, 2015.

"‘I Spend Just as Much Time Protecting Felons from Society.’," The Marshall Project, January 22, 2015.

"Law professors, criminal defense lawyers back McDonnell bail bid," by Frank Green, Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 21, 2015.

"Defending those accused of unthinkable crimes," by Scott Helman, The Boston Globe, January 21, 2015.

"Argument preview: Dog sniffs and traffic stops – once more to the Fourth Amendment well," by Rory Little, SCOTUSblog, January 21, 2015.

"The Near Death of Mark Christeson," by Ken Armstrong, The Marshall Project, January 20, 2015.

"Suggested Changes for Federal, State Criminal Procedure in 2015," by Peter F. Vaira, The Legal Intelligencer, January 20, 2015.

"Reimagining the president's State of the Union speech," by Andrew Cohen, The Marshall Project, January 20, 2015.

"New police radars can 'see' inside homes," by Brad Heath, USA Today, January 20, 2015.

"How much civil asset forfeiture will Holder’s new policy actually prevent?," by Radley Balko, The Washington Post, January 20, 2015.

"Clemency Project 2014: A Historically Unprecedented and Wholly Independent Volunteer Effort By the Nation's Bar," News Release, January 16, 2015.

"A 'Guantanamo Diary' From A Prisoner Still On The Inside," NPR, January 20, 2015.

"Whistleblowers Say DOJ Grants Failed To Protect Kids Behind Bars," by Carrie Johnson, NPR, January 19, 2015.

"Give the unemployed a second chance," by Rachel Black and Aleta Sprague, CNN, January 19, 2015.

"Why Is The FBI Investigating A California Police Department?," NPR, January 17, 2015.

"U.S. Discloses New Trove of Phone Call Records," by Michael S. Schmidt and Matt Appuzo, The New York Times, January 16, 2015.

"Obama orders review of police militarization," by Mike Lillis, The Hill, January 16, 2015.

"Left and right unite against forfeiture laws. But can they convince the Department of Justice?," by Christie Thompson, The Marshall Project, January 16, 2015.

"Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police," by Robert O'Harrow Jr., Sari Horwitz, and Steven Rich, The Washington Post, January 16, 2015.

"Bad Blood: Lawyer v. Court. Guess who wins?," by Maurice Chammah, The Marshall Project, January 16, 2015.

"Panel recommends case limits for attorneys defending the indigent," by Brian Rogers, The Houston Chronicle, January 15, 2015.

"Oklahoma to Resume Executions, 9 Months After a Lethal Injection Went Awry," by Erik Eckholm, The New York Times, January 15, 2015.

"Judge Dismisses Brooklyn Gun Case as Police Are Investigated," by Stephanie Clifford, The New York Times, January 15, 2015.

"Justices parse federal, state laws in drug case that led to man’s deportation," by Robert Barnes, The Washington Post, January 14, 2015.

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