Juvenile Justice

Jail HandsNACDL fully supports the concept that juveniles are different than adults and should be treated as such. NACDL encourages legislators to promote polices that evalulate juvenile family history and brain development prior to developing legislation that could in effect have profound implications on a juvenile's future. 

In 2012 NACDL hosted several webcasts providing essential instruction for defense lawyers representing juveniles at sentencing in adult court. The webinars were entitled Representing Juveniles at Sentencing in Adult Court in the Post- Roper, Graham and Miller Era.  Click here to view the webinars online.  

In addition, in late September 2012 NACDL hosted webinars entitled:

  • Communicating with a Juvenile Client: JTIP Lesson on Interviewing and Counseling Youth 
  • Incorporating Adolescent Brain & Behavioral Development Science into All Stages of the Criminal Proceeding                                                       
  • Strategies for Keeping Youth Out of Adult Jails and Prisons: Bail, Sentencing and Post-Sentencing Advocacy

Click here to view these webinars

Supported by funding from the Foundation for Criminal Justice and the Ford Foundation.



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