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Death Penalty bedNew Hampshire Fails to Pass Death Penalty Legislation 

Yesterday the New Hampshire Senate voted 12-12 on HB 1170, an act to abolish the death penalty. Previously the New Hampshire House voted overwhelmingly for abolishment and Governor Maggie Hassan signaled she would sign the bill upon passage in the Senate. 

NACDL worked closely with our state affiliate to lend support toward reform efforts including forwarding several legislative alerts to New Hampshire members at key moments. In addition, NACDL President Jerry Cox, sent letters to Senate Leadership in the days leading up to the vote reiterating NACDL ‘s support for the legislation.

NACDL Executive Director, Norman L. Reimer recently gave a brief interview about why he is opposed to the death penalty.  


Pending State Legislation: Alabama – SB 248, Arizona – SB 1067, Delaware – SB 19, Georgia – HB 96, Kansas – SB 126, Kansas – HB 2397, Kentucky – SB 77, Missouri – SB 775, Missouri – HB 1524, Missouri – HB 1240, Nebraska – LB 543, New Hampshire – HB 1170, Ohio – HB 385, Pennsylvania – SB 1087, Washington – HB 1504, Washington – SB 5372 

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NACDL's 16th Annual Making the Case for Life Seminar, "MITIGATION AND JURY SELECTION IN CAPITAL CASES" will be held at the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, October 22-25, 2014. 

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