Employment Opportunities within the Profession

  •  11/24/2014 - Public Defender Investigator III, Public Defender's Office - Salinas, CA, DEADLINE: December 11, 2014.   

Under general direction, the Public Defender Investigator III performs highly specialized investigatory duties for the most complex, sensitive, and/or difficult criminal cases that has significant legal implications and/or high degree of publicity; may function as lead worker; acts for the Supervising Investigator in his/her absence; and performs related work as required....more

  •  11/24/2014 - Supervising Public Defender Investigator, Public Defender's Office - Salinas, CA, DEADLINE: December 11, 2014.   

Under direction of the Public Defender and/or Assistant Public Defender, the Supervising Investigator assigns, coordinates, and supervises the activities of the Public Defender's investigation staff; personally conducts investigations; and participates as a department manager....more 

  •  11/14/2014 - Chief Defender, The Public Defense Services Commission (PDSC) - Salem, OR, DEADLINE: November 28, 2014.   

The Chief Defender and three Chief Deputies manage the Criminal Section, and the Chief Defender and a Senior Attorney manage the Juvenile Appellate Section. The Chief Defender is responsible for developing and administrating policies governing the division's day-to-day operations, its long-term planning, it's interactions with the trial bar, and its overall professional performance within the state criminal and juvenile justice systems....more 

  •  11/03/2014 - Senior Program Associate, Drug Court Programs, Center for Court Innovation - New York, NY, DEADLINE: November 26, 2014.   

The Center for Court Innovation is seeking a smart, energetic person to serve as a Senior Program Associate in the Department of Drug Court Programs. The Senior Program Associate will work on a variety of state and national projects, with a strong focus on national training and technical assistance. The Senior Program Associate will report to the Director of Drug Court Programs....more 

  •  10/23/2014 - Executive Director, Michigan Indigent Defense Commission - Lansing, MI, DEADLINE: November 14, 2014.   

The Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (MIDC) is looking for qualified applicants to serve as its first Executive Director. The position is appointed and supervised by the MIDC, and is responsible for developing and overseeing reforms to Michigan's public defense system consistent with the Michigan indigent defense commission act....more 

  •  10/23/2014 - Director, Frank J. Remington Center and Clinical Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin - Madison, WI, DEADLINE: November 14, 2014.   

The primary job responsibility of the director is to oversee the operation and development of the Remington Center's programs. The law school is in the midst of a strategic planning process. The director of the Remington Center will be expected to help the Center meet the goals of the newly minted strategic plan and to continue to refine its mission of excellence in education, service, scholarship, and law reform....more 

  •  10/17/2014 - Director of Campaign to End Mass Incarceration, ACLU Affiliate Support and Advocacy Department - New York, NY, DEADLINE: Open Until Filled.   

The Director of the Campaign to End Mass Incarceration will lead a nationwide team to develop and execute state-based campaigns to reform the criminal justice system, working in close partnership with ACLU affiliates, state and national coalition partners, and impacted communities. The multi-disciplinary campaign team will include expertise in legislative and ballot campaigns, field, strategic communications, research, and criminal justice policy....more 

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