Member Types and Application

Click the member type in the left column to apply online, or download an application (PDF)  

Regular Member   Criminal defense attorney in private practice $308
Public Defender  Full-time attorney at PD office or Legal Services nonprofit $133
New Lawyer  First five years after initial admission to the bar $174
Law Professor  Full time professor in an accredited law school $160
Judge    $184
Military Lawyer  Active duty only $159
Associate/Investigator     Non-Lawyers whose work supports criminal defense attorneys      $184
Law Student  Students working toward their JD or comparable degree $ 61
International  Practicing Criminal Defense Lawyers outside US & Canada $174
Additional member categories include Life, President's Club, and Sustaining. Members in these categories receive special recognition for their ongoing and valued support of NACDL's goals. 

Life Members make a one-time contribution of $5,000 or 5 consecutive annual $1,000 installments; once the full committment has been met, there will be no further membership dues.

President's Club Members pay dues at the rate of $668 per year.

Sustaining Members pay dues at the rate of $452 per year.


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