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NACDL conducts annual elections for various officer and Board positions. Each year, NACDL elects approximately one third of the Board of Directors. Directors serve three-year terms and may serve two consecutive full terms. Each year NACDL also elects a Secretary, Second and First Vice President, and President Elect. After a one-year term, the President Elect automatically becomes President. Finally, NACDL elects a Treasurer to a two-year term every other year. The Treasurer is ineligible to run for any Board or Director office during that term.

Periodically NACDL conducts special elections to fill positions left vacant.

All elections and election candidates are subject to the provisions of the NACDL bylaws regarding elections and to the board-adopted standing board policy on elections.

2014 Regular Election

In 2014, NACDL will elect nine members to the Board of Directors, in addition to a President Elect, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Voting will take place between July 8 and July 22, 2014.

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All candidates are encouraged to familiarize themselves with NACDL's standing board policy on elections.


NACDL's Nominating Committee met on May 16, 2014 to nominate eligible candidates to serve in the positions listed below during the 2014-2015 term. Several candidates timely submitted valid petitions for candidacy. Statements of qualification for all candidates can be found here and are also available by clicking on the name of each candidate. 

Candidates For Treasurer

The only candidate for treasurer is running unopposed. 

Candidates For Secretary

There are four candidates for one open position. 

Candidates For Director

Because there are nine open board position and eight candidates, candidates for board positions are running unopposed. The additional open position will be filled subsequently in a special board election. 

No petitions were received for the First Vice President, Second Vice President, and President Elect positions. Consequently, and pursuant to Article VIII, Section 3(b) of NACDL’s bylaws, NACDL’s secretary shall at the Annual Membership Meeting declare the candidates of the Nominating Committee elected by acclamation. The nominees for those positions were as follows:

President Elect: E. G. Morris
First Vice President: Barry Pollack
Second Vice President: Rick Jones

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Sample Ballots and Election Communications

Click here for more information on the 2014 Regular Election. For election deadlines, click here.

Click here to see a sample of the 2014 election ballot.

Click here to see a sample of the 2014 election paper ballot.

NACDL's Elections Committee received a request for information June 25 concerning the election rules. Its response can be found here.

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