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NACDL's renowned journal, The Champion magazine, offers timely, informative articles written for and by criminal defense lawyers, featuring the latest developments in search and seizure laws, DUI/DWI, grand jury proceedings, habeas, the exclusionary rule, death penalty, RICO, federal sentencing guidelines, forfeiture, white collar crime, and more. The Champion is published ten times per year.

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May 2016

How effective are the Miranda warnings in protecting Miranda rights?

Cover Photographs: Earl Warren & William Douglas | Harris & Ewing Photography; Abe Fortas | Supreme Court Collection; Hugo Black & William Brennan | Library of Congress



Issue Contents
Title  Author  
From the President: Miranda v. Arizona — Calculating Its Net EffectE.G. Morris
NACDL® 2016 Election ProceduresNACDL
NACDL News: New Report Investigates South Carolina Courts That Convict and Jail Defendants Without a Lawyer PresentIvan J. Dominguez and Ezra Dunkle-Polier
NACDL News: Clemency Project 2014 Applauds Commutation of 61 Federal Prison SentencesIvan J. Dominguez and Ezra Dunkle-Polier
NACDL News: NACDL Press to Publish Book by Defense Attorney Andrea D. LyonIvan J. Dominguez and Ezra Dunkle-Polier
NACDL News: Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Alternative SentencingIvan J. Dominguez and Ezra Dunkle-Polier
NACDL News: U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Sixth Amendment Right to Defense Counsel of One’s ChoiceIvan J. Dominguez and Ezra Dunkle-Polier
Affiliate NewsGerald Lippert
Miranda at 50Darnesha K. Carter and Ellen S. Podgor
What Happened In Miranda?Paul G. Ulrich
Miranda Redux: The Impact of Dickerson v. United StatesPeter W. Fenton and Michael B. Shapiro
Miranda Warnings and Waivers: Often Heard But Seldom UnderstoodRichard Rogers and Eric Y. Drogin
False Confessions in The 21st CenturyRichard A. Leo and Brian L. Cutler
Miranda’s LegacyPaul G. Ulrich
Book Review: Dorm Room Dealers: Drugs and the Privileges of Race and ClassDionne R. Gonder-Stanley
Informal Opinion: The Role of NACDL And Its Affiliates in Ensuring the Continued Vitality of Miranda and Bringing Attention to Interrogation TacticsJohn T. Philipsborn

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