Statement of Qualifications from Daniel Arshack

Daniel ArshackDaniel Arshack

Position Seeking: Board Member

I am pleased to forward my nomination to serve on the Board of the NACDL. I am a life member of the NACDL, having been active for many years and am a past president of New York’s largest affiliate, the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. In addition to being the Managing Partner of Arshack, Hajek & Lehrman in New York (, I am the current Co-Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the NACDL a Founding member of the International Criminal Bar, and; a Founder of The Bronx Defenders a nationally recognized public defender firm in New York. I represent individuals and businesses locally and worldwide. I have successfully handled securities fraud litigation, financial crimes, money laundering, arms dealing, foreign corrupt practices violations, business loss, homicide, sex crimes, conspiracy, and narcotics offenses. I regularly consult with lawyers from throughout the world and represents the interests of businesses and individuals.

Besides managing our criminal defense practice, I teach regularly at the Cardozo Law School Intensive Trial Advocacy Program and will be teaching advocacy skills in Nottingham England in June, 2014. Most recently, I participated in creating and co-led an International Criminal Law Forum in Victoria, British Columbia (the week before last July’s NACDL meeting) which was co- sponsored by the NACDL. I also conceived and co-led the first iteration of that Victoria training in 2006 which was also co-sponsored by the NACDL. Earlier this month, I filed a pro-bono Petition for Certiorari to the Supreme Court on behalf of a death penalty eligible defendant, James Holmes, who is facing trial for multiple homicides in Aurora, Colorado.

My activities with the NACDL have included planning and leading the first NACDL training program in Liberia for the Liberian Public Defenders and I currently am involved in producing a follow-up training there scheduled for this spring. I have kept the NACDL abreast of developments in the International Criminal Tribunals and the International Criminal Court. I have drafted and had the Board pass resolutions in favor of the formation of the International Criminal Bar, United States’ participation in the International Criminal Court, the protection of defense attorney Peter Erlinder when he was arrested in Rwanda and last year I attended a Board meeting in order to inform the Board of the situation involving the indictment of Turkish lawyers and Bar Leaders in Istanbul. In the past several years I have attended NACDL board meetings, participated in an NACDL budget meeting by telephone, attended many training meetings and will continue active participation. I have liaised with NACDL leadership on numerous occasions to obtain approval for and discuss positions I would take as a representative of the NACDL at various meetings and conferences which I have attended. I have served as the NACDL representative on the Governing Council of the International Criminal Bar and as one of the NACDL representatives to the UN.

While I was on the Board of the NYSACDL and as its President, I was effective in building the membership of our organization and I look forward to continuing that important work as an NACDL Board member. I am a supporter of the NACDL’s Foundation for Criminal Justice.

Those who know me will attest to my willingness to step up to the plate and put forward issues, popular or not, which need to be addressed. I have the time, energy and commitment to successfully fill this position and would be honored to have your support.

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